Helena College University of Montana Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Small town, not diverse, isloated.


They're all either hippies or hicks.


They're all either hippies or hicks.


students are redneck/hillbillies, theres nothing to do other than outdoors stuff, being greek / the greek life sucks, president of the college (Dennison) should be removed from office (and beaten), the football team is awesome and the coach is great, the winter is all snow and cold, the education isn't on par with larger schools in other states


Hicks, which is not necessarily true, although there are some. Montana is not in Canada.


We are all "outdoorsy"


We're all hillbillies who ride horses everywhere!


first of all everyone i talk to has the impression that we ride horses. that we are hippies. we are eight years behind fashion.


stereotypes about montana in general: we don't really ride our horses to school, and the majority of us don't even HAVE horses. we all have a normal appearance. we don't all wear wranglers and boots.


As far as students, most people think we are either uber-liberal Hippies, or conservative redneck's. Partying is a huge stereotype about UM. As far as the state of Montana, stereoytpes are: we're behind the times, and lots of farmers and ranchers.


Montana = Hick/Redneck Middle of nowhere, nothing to do.


Some stereotypes are that they are simple hicks who are completely unfamiliar to society outside of where they live, and that they do not know as much as people from larger cities.


Its easy and they will take anyone.


That everybody is friendly. Also that all Montana students drink and party.


Cowboys and Cowgirls


That the students that go here are a bunch of hippie liberals.


Well I've heard quite a few in my day. There's always the typical questions people have. Does everyone there ride a horse to school? Do you have electricity? Are you all cowboys or cowgirls? Is Montana in Canada? The general, run of the mill stereotypes and misconceptions.


Some people think that Montana is still in the open frontier and that we still ride horses and covered waggons to class. I have heard others say that before they came to Montana that they didn't think we even had electricity.


University of Montana students are hippies, hicks and extreme environmentalists


Most people aren't really aware of how sophisticated and progressive western montana and missoula are. We're generally pictured as hillbillies.


I think that probably a stereotype about Montanans is that we're friendly and easy-going.


Probably the biggest stereotype about University of Montana students is that we are a bunch of tree-hugging hippies. Missoula as a town is considered the bohemian town of MT, filled with musicians, writers, the occasional huddle of transients - dreadlocks, slack-liners, and guitars are not uncommon things to see on campus.


Some stereotypes may be that we are all hippies. Or another may be that since UM isn't currently listed in Fiske's Guide to the Best Colleges, or whatever that book is called, means that it isn't a credible or legitimate school.


some stero types are that all the kids grew up on a farm and are hicks and do the whole cowboy thing. some others i heard are that we still ride horses to school, there are still cowboy and indian fights and stuff like that


Some of the stereotypes about Montana is that we all ride horses to school and have shoot outs in the street. There is also a huge stereotype that the University of Montana is a party school.


That this place is just a bunch of cowboys.


I'm not really too sure-- hippies, maybe. "Crunchy" type people, very outdoorsy people, maybe a little cut off from the world. Also, it being Montana, there is probably a stereotype for "redneck" people from small-town Montana.


that everybody here is either a hick or a hippie, not true at all.... I am neither and have found so many friends with common interests... There are people here for everybody!


One stereotypes is that all the University of Montana are tree loving hippies.


Everyone hunts, is a stereotype I've heard often; Montana students are outdoorsy people.


Some stereotypes I can think of are that we are all hippies and we are all ultra-liberal.


People from out of state ask if we ride horses to school or if we use indoor plumbing!


That everyone drinks


The University of Montana is stereotyped as a liberal campus full of hippies. Though the liberal campus part is true, there are more than hippies here. The UM is one of the most diverse campuses in the United States.


The stereotypical Montanan lives on a ranch and drives a truck. We are depicted as "country folk". In Missoula, in particular, the major stereotype is that most of the students are hippies and granolas.


Football is huge! We're very behind on everything, I have been asked if I ride my horse to school. We love to party!


I often hear that most students come from these small towns where they knew everything about everyone, where six kids graduated from their senior class in high school. Lots of people think the students are hicks, people who go hunt or fish at any given opportunity. When people see the kids from Knowels Hall in the oval playing ultimate frisbee, sporting dreads, barefeet, and tie-dye, they think all UM students (minus the hicks, of course) are big time hippies.


That everyone that goes to school here is from a small town in Montana; that everyone is a hippie and smokes weed; that everyone cares about U of M football.


Coming in I always heard that Montana (especially Missoula) had a lot of hippies. I also heard a lot about it being a "hick town" and a football town.


I have definitely been asked if we still ride horses around town.


They are all hippies.


One sterotype of the University of Montana students is that everyone that goes to school here is a hippie.....this is far from true. The hippies only come out when the weather is nice.


When I first decided to come here everyone thought I was going to turn into a hick , or a cowboy. Now that I'm here it seams that the stereotype of Montana students is quite the opposite of that. Montana students are all classified as hippies, which I and most the people I know are far from.


I am from out-of-state, so I came to Montana assuming that everyone wore plaid, rode horses to school, played the banjo, and hunted every day. I also figured that Montana had to be a pretty outdoorsy place seeing as there's not much to do in such a big, boring state.


Ultra liberal. Beautiful area, but too many hippies from out of state and drunk rich kids from Montana. Booze is worshipped as a god and easily leads to multiple problems. Homosexuality is promoted and the tradition family relegated to one of many "norms". The Bible is laughed at and ridiculed by students and professors alike. Good Christians exist but their voices are drowned out in a chorus of moral relativism and multiculturalism of the lowest common denominator.


Some people assume Montana is still really rural and parts are. Also there is the stereotype that the common form of transportation is horseback, completely unture. The city of Missoula, where UM is located, has actually been named the "Berkeley of the Rockies." It is a very liberal town.