Helena College University of Montana Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


There are two things that make my school the best. #1: The college is located in beautiful Missoula, MT, where everyone is accepted and things to do never run short. Missoula is purely a college town where the people and the business revolve around the University. This makes for an awesome community spirit as addressed in.... #2: The pride associated with attending school here is unlike any other college of our size. With less than 16.000 students, our school is just the right size; you feel at home but you're never in the spotlight (unless you want to be!). The college athletics (specifically the football team) and the community make this a dream place to go to school.


The best thing about MT is the land. There is everything here from 12,000 foot peaks, to flat farm lands, etc. There is so much to do here outside. There is great fishing, rivers for floating, lakes, skiing, hiking, and much more. If you like the outdoors MT is for you, we're called Big Sky country for a reason.


The most common complaint I've heard recently is about parking. Clearly there is an issue with student parking; with enrollment as high as it's ever been and more parking lots closed for construction etc. it can be difficult finding a place. However, there are many alternatives to consider, like the park & rides or bicycling.


The most common complaint I've heard recently is about parking. Clearly there is an issue with student parking; with enrollment as high as it's ever been and more parking lots closed for construction etc. it can be difficult finding a place. However, there are many alternatives to consider, like the park & rides or bicycling.


Montana... as the school goes, we are definately a smaller campus (only about 12,000-14,000 students at any given year), but we've got it all!. no other campus, I mean NO other campus has "the oval". Its a huge green space smack in the middle of campus right in front of university hall, and its always packed with people on a decent day. just like everybody else, we've got monster gym area for students with full athletics, racketteball, basketball, wieghts, running track, machines, climbing wall, open rooms for whatever, a smoothy bar, and tvs infront of all the cardio stuff and all of it indoors and open year round. we've got the student's building with food courts, game room (also huge with over a dozen pool tables, ping pong, and other stuff), a movie theater, and other stuff. thats all on campus. off campus is anything and everything else - you wanna go see a concert, check the reels of them from locals to internationals (elton john and the rolling stones headlined last year) and from country to pop to punk to raggae to whatever. in missoula the nightlife is downtown - an easy walk from campus with multiple hotspots, or just start at one end and work your way back. the best thing about graduating from montana is that any time your wearing UM or Griz stuff and another UM alum spots you they'll let you know it; it sounds a little off hand but when your walking around in Fresno or downtown New York or bummin around Daytona beach and somebody yells at you outta now about the U, its a good feeling to know you've got generations of people with so much school pride... its like having distant family (or maybe just drinking buddies) everywhere. SICK


The size of the school is great. We have all sorts of controversies. Parking is a biggie, using non sweat shop merchandise, recycling, etc. The weather is crazy, but wonderful if you like seasons. It snowed in the second week of June this year and the third week is 70 to 80 degrees everyday, but come the first week of summer it will be back down into the 50 to sixty degree highs for the day.


Montana is a gorgeous state, I was raised there most of my life. There's so much to do, something for everyone, whether you like to shop or your an outdoors kind of person. The school is about 14,000 students from all ages and ethnic backgrounds. It's such a diverse group of people. I've met somebody new almost every day, it's an amazing experience! I am currently a resident of Hawaii and while I was working there in the summer before my freshman year of college a woman asked me what school I would be attending. When I told her the University of Montana, she had an extremely puzzled look on her face and asked me what country it was in! People also think I'm somewhat crazy for leaving Hawaii for Montana, but Montana is my home and I love the mix of weather. On campus I spent most of my time on the oval (the central part of campus, a huge expanse of green grass with sidewalks throughout) surrounded by other students talking, doing homework and playing frisbee and other games; or in the dorms, I was always hanging out with many different friends and everyone lived in many of the different dorms. School pride?! Oh my goodness, the most fun each weekend is going to our Griz football games. The stadium is always packed with students and other residents of Missoula cheering our players on. It's an exciting rush and a wonderful experience to be a part of. Everyone is proud to be a student of UM, and it's contagious!


honestly i am not currently involved in all the u's activities but i will say this. people take you seriously when you say you are going to school at the u. this is definetly a college town. if you don't like football and womens basketball get out! i don't spend much time on campus but if i did it would be in the library. if you're an outdoor person you will love it! if not you will learn a lot about yourself. my experience so far at the u is just the transition of the typer of characters you will meet in class. i have never felt more like myself. i can be a dork and it is o.k.


the school is perfect. missoula is the perfect college town, with the river, and many outdoor activities in the surrounding area. the campus is absolutely GORGEOUS during all seasons. the educational experience is superior.


What's nice about UM is the amount of opportunities there are to get involved. Unlike a big school where a few strong organizations rule, Montana has many organizations and student groups that together run our campus. I can be involved in 3-4 student groups, be busy as heck, but still have time to finishmy studies. At other Universities, you pick one thing and stick with it because the work load is so heavy. What I don't like... though we do have lots of students groups, they don't always do a good job of supporting one another. There's several large groups on campus: Greeks, Athletes, Foresters, Advocates. It would be awesome to see these groups work together more, and ignore eachother less.


Missoula, Montana has a very active and large population of liberals and pot-smoking hippies. I was quite turned off by this at first, but I got over it and have learned to accept many different types of lifestyles. Missoula is VERY much a college town, which is always fun. The school and student population is very well-rounded and you will find a variety of people from different backgrounds, near and far. A good amount of students come from the Midwest and eastern states - searching for the real outdoors, I presume, which I'm sure they were able to find. Although Montana often receives a negative stereotype of cowboys and Indians, the big picture is that once you come here and experience what this school is all about, cowboys and Indians are the last thing to cross your mind.


I love this school and this state! It is a beautiful place and the people seem to be much friendlier than any other place I've been. I enjoy my classes, the city, the culture, and pretty much everything about Montana! When I tell people I go to the University of Montana, they tend to ask, "They have a college there?" or, "Why? Thats so random." So I like to think of Montana as a hidden secret where I get to escape from those kind of people!


Its beautiful, the school is pretty easy to get into but the classes are tough and they are built to teach not to let students by without learning. My favorite aspect of campus life is football games on the weekends. Thats arguably the best part of the campus culture.


One of the best things about the University of Montana and what makes it special would be where it is located. It is located in Missoula Montana, which is the second largest cities in Montana. It is surround by mountains because it is set in the Missoula Valley. Because of the size of the city, it has a nice selection of shops and places to eat. However, in less than a ten minute drive you can be away from civilization and be boating on a lake or hiking/camping in the mountains. Montana is rich in history, sitting in our state we have the battle field where Custer's Last Stand (Battle of the Big Horn), the Battle of the Big Hole, the Hellgate Canyon, and many historical places where Lewis and Clark traveled. The best place on the whole campus would have to be the Oval. In the center of the University, being looked down on by Mount Sentinel (where the “M” is located) and the clock tower, and also where the statue of a grizzly bear (the school mascot) . The Oval is covered in green grass and beautiful shade trees, where you can spread out you books and study, or sit back and just relax. At the University of Montana there is an TON of school pride. We love our Grizzlies! Located in Montana is one of the oldest school rivalries, the Griz/Cat, Between Montana State Bobcats and the University of Montana Grizzlies. Our school mascot Monte has also won the Capital One Mascot contest.


I am a nontraditional student that came from Los Angeles to the Blackfeet reservation then came to Missoula. I thought I had seen everything but my classmates have proven me wrong. Girls are very materialistic and cliqueish. I see the jocks have a big problem keepin their partying under control lots of DUIs. I am Mexican American born in the U.S. and am very proud to be but here all there is people trying to be native or not sure of their roots. People dont really show respect to one another for their differences mostly for the commonalities. This creates a false relationship between races and cultures. I do see that in Missoula people love their dogs and are very active. No matter if it rains or not people are always out and about doing exercising. There are many places that promote a healthy lifestyle.


The University of Montana is the best. The campus is beautiful and always full of smiling faces. No one is afraid to say hi to a stranger as they pass by. In spring and summer you can find hundreds of students out on the oval playing frisbee, studying, and/or tanning. montana is the best place to be. Go Griz!


There is just so much to do here! The people, students, and faculty are friendly, laid back, and awesome. This school offers so many activites to get involved with and the town in itself is full of great night life and tons of great outdoor activites. As far as the size goes the school is perfect in my opinion. It isn't too big or too small, you definitley can recongize people around town after awhile but at the same time if your looking to avoid someone you don't have to see them everywhere either. I have yet to meet someone who didn't like this school once they came here. People always comment on what a great school this is once they hear that I attend UM. This is definitely a college town, every resturant and business has a griz sign in their window, but you never feel suffocated here because Montana offers so many ways to escape if you ever feel the need. Sports are awesome here, football games alone are a great reason to come here. After a few years here many claim to bleed maroon. The only bad thing about this campus is parking sucks, but there are great bus systems and bike accessibility.


In my opinion Missoula is one of the best college towns out there. It's very young people orientated and their is lots of great stuff to do. The college itself is small, but the people there are anything but small minded. The teachers care about your education and you develop a relationship with them, as well as each other. I'm glad I chose to stay in state and the cost doesn't hurt that bad either.


Some would say that the U is nicely nestled in a quiet college town and that we have little to no problems with the 'outside' (off campus) world, but this romantic depiction couldn't be further from the truth. The way I see it is that the University of Montana is a bustling mecca of politics and grabs for funding where a student body of over 14,000 students vie for seats in classes through their tiered registration allotments. Furthermore, the University of Montana is alive with activism and embraces the community of Missoula's fervor for education in the realms of food, politics, and ecological practices. Is the U too big or too small? I think it's just right, but the administrators believe it's too small... Over the past years, there have been more and more buildings going up on and around campus, increased grabs for the land surrounding campus that will ultimately end up in the attempt to widen the span of campus both geographically and educationally.


Montana is a BEAUTIFUL state! If you're the outdoorsy type, this is the place for you with mountains and a river that runs through the town. Everyone is very active here and loves to be outside in the sunshine, but cloudy days are very common here. Missoula is a very college-oriented town. The town revolves around the university and has a very laid back attitude.


Montana is big and beautiful. There are less than one million people in roughly 150 thousand square miles. There is plenty of room and the scenery is magnificent. Wilderness and outdoor activities are just out the back door.


The best thing about UM is the location. The mountains in Montana are so beautiful, and there are plenty of actitivies to do outdoors if that's your thing. Many people hike to the 'M' on the mountain! Also, since it is a closed campus and there are no cars driving through, it is very peaceful. The buildings are not spread out too far, so it is possible to walk or bike to your next class. People here are really friendly, so if you ever get lost (I did!) then you can always ask someone for directions. I would say that the only down-side to living in Montana is that the winter here can be pretty long...I prefer warm weather to the cold!


UM is a fantastic place to spend your undergraduate career because you can do almost anything here and there is a crowd for everyone. The University is just big enough (around 13,000 students I believe) to have a lot of programs, clubs, and events- but just small enough to make it feel personal. Missoula is definitely a college town, but many choose to live here post-college because of the amazing scenery and substantial opportunities. If you've been through MT but never been to Missoula, you cannot possibly understand Missoula. It is not uncommon to hear the phrase "Missoula should not be in Montana." This is simply because the town defies all of the stereotypes of what "Montana" supposedly is. The biggest negatives about the campus are the parking- it is atrocious and the administration is completely unsympathetic about it. There is nowhere near enough parking to accomodate the student body, yet parking tickets are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. If you go to this college, live on campus or within walking distance OR schedule your first class for very early in the morning (8 A.M) or you will not find a parking place and you will miss class.


When I tell people that I go to Montana, they can't stop talking about how lucky I am to be in such a beautiful part of the country. Being surrounded by some of the most majestic national parks in the nation is not something students take for granted. The outdoors are a way of life at UM and unknowingly, everyone participates in it somehow. One cool part of UM is that we are the only college in the nation that owns a mountain. Mount Sentinel sits on the border of campus and has a great Z-trail that leads half up the mountain to a large concrete "M" that can be seen when flying into Missoula. It is a great outing and offers spectacular views of the Missoula valley.


I feel that the University of Montana is a great school. On the first day of visiting college and taking a tour i decided that this is where i wanted to go. I love the atmosphere there is on campus. Everyone is layed back, and carefree. Eveyone is really nice too!. The classes are great and i am learning alot. I love the town too, there is alot to do and there is always something going on of everyday. On campus there is always something going on too! there is never a boring moment.


I think one of the greatest things about Montana is the fact that it's so close to everything outdoors related. There are great hiking trails around campus, a river runs through the city, there are ski mountains within hours of campus as well as Flathead lake which is great for swimming, fishing and summer fun. The campus it self isn't huge in any way, but it is a nice population. The city of Missoula has probably about 100,000 people with 15,000 on campus. It's a nice size, and because of this, you know pretty much everybody who is in your department. During the spring and the fall most of our free time on campus is spent outdoors. It's lovely, but during the cold winter months you would find drama students in the drama building or most students in the UC center. School pride is something that not only the students of the University have but of Missoula itself. Our sports programs are very big and we are all very proud to live in the city of the University of Montana. The community is very proud of the University and all of its departments.


I feel lucky to be going to college here at the University of Montana. Its beautiful country to be going to school. If you like the outdoors this can be a place for you. You have the opportunity to go camping and fishing every weekend. In the winter you can drive to like 4 different ski resorts to go skiing, its great!!! The school is a good size it takes about five minutes tops to walk across campus to get to class. One problem here on campus is the parking is a bit limited. its a pain but you get use to it after a while.


I thought the school would seem much larger than it actually does. I cross paths with people I know all day long, although there are certainly more unfamiliar faces than familiar ones. I transferred here from NYU this past fall because I missed the west and the mountains, so in comparison, Montana seems pretty small and cozy. The people here are, for the most part, incredibly, wonderfully friendly. Again, maybe that's just my impression coming out of New York City and NYU, but I don't think a kinder, more generous student body exists. At first, I really did not think that I would like the city of Missoula. It seemed awkward and depressing when I first came to look at the school. However, Missoula has grown on me and I have come to absolutely love it. Culture abounds in ways that you would not expect it to-- we have many ethnic restraunts (and most of them actually really good) from sushi to Thai to Indian to Mexican to Italian, there are some great, hip clothing stores (Betty's Divine), some really nice (and surprisingly inexpensive) salons (Sorella's), and great local events like a beautiful weekly farmer's market and "First Friday" which is a gallery walk all over the historic downtown with plenty of free food, wine and beer. The nightlife here is definitely small town, but if you just accept it for what it is it's great. Most off the bars are real dives, but despite their grittiness can be really fun. Nicer, more college-oriented bars are Bodega and the Iron Horse Pub. Missoula has an enormous amount of school pride and you don't want to mess with this school's football fans. The Griz (UM's team) / Cat (Montana State's team) rivalry is historic and people from all over the state flock to Griz games because it is the closest thing to a national team they have. Overall, Montana is a much more fun, excciting, welcoming place than I expected it to be.


perfect size...and a perfect place for anybody that loves the outdoors and outdoor activities


The best thing about Montana is that you are surrounded by mountains! The classes here are great and most professors are always willing to help if students when they are struggling. The size of the U of M is just right! It's big enough that not everyone knows everything about you and small enough that you always see someone you know when you walk to class. There is always something going happing on campus whether its a movie or theatre performance, you'll always have something to do! The nightlife here is amazing there are so many bars and clubs, you won't know what to do with yourself!


The best thing about Montana is that it's really diverse. The University is a partner university to a lot of schools across the world so if you see a lot of diversity. I think my school is just right, but it could be a little bit bigger, just to give more space for the classes. Some of them are in buildings that make no logical sense for them to be in. I think there's a lot of school pride, we've got a good football team, so that kind of spurs everyone into a good school spirit mood. I think an unusual thing about Montana is that there are lots of deer on campus, not often during the day, but a lot at night and we've also got the mountain right behind campus with a trail up to a large 'M'. The thing I'm going to remember the most from my school is my friends that I've made, and also my father's stories about HIS college days and living on campus.


I think the school spirit is awesome here, Griz football season is by far the most exciting time of the school year. I would change the weather if that was possible. I like the size of the school not too big but not too small...(you will meet tons of people and make many new great friends!) This year I spent a lot of time in the dorms but that will change next year. Missoula is definitely a college town. A big controversy lately on campus is the fact that our Griz gear like sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs, etc. are made in sweat shops and it is trying to be changed. The campus is beautiful. I will always remember the campus coming to life the second it gets nice out...everyone playing frisbee, reading, laying in the grass, etc. It's wonderful!


The best thing about Montana is the culture! It's definitely a slower pace up here, and its one thing I would not change about Montana. The school is just right. You can walk around and see people you've had classes with. Most of my time is spent on the oval when it is nice outside, or in the Business School student lounge when it's chilly.


Diversity. It seems like everyone is friendly but there are still many different people who are racists.


The campus size is just right for such a small populated state. When people find out I go to the UM, they ask me where in the hell that is, because most big city people don't even know Montana is a state! We are a huge college town, a numerous amount of local businesses support and fund the University.


The best thing about Montana is the natural beauty of the state. If you love outdoors, this is the place for you. If not, you're going to be hard pressed to find fun things to do in this state. The school is just right in size, not to large and not too small. Missoula is very much a college town, and the most recent controversy on campus are the student ASUM elections. As for pride, U of M has a lot of it. Our football team, the Griz, are loved by people all over the state, and the football games are huge events.


The best thing about UM is the campus and the location! It's right next to the mountains and the campus is so pretty! After visiting campus, that's when I knew I would go to school here. I think the size of UM is perfect. It's a pretty big school but still feels small. Missoula is definitely a college town, which makes going to school here even better! There is a lot of school pride especially when it comes to the football team. Griz football games are the best! The stands are filled with fans screaming and having a great time!


The best thing about U of Montana is the location in Missoula. A 45 minutes drive in any direction will land you in the middle of the woods or a trailhead to hike on. One thing I would change is the University Center cafeteria; it is one of the smallest cafeteria I have ever seen and incapable of satisfying the over 13,000 students that attend school here every semester. The school is a little smaller than I would like, but it's size also gives it a very unique sense of community within student social groups. I spend most of my time in the Forestry Building or the old Journalism buidling doing homework; and ther gym. School pride is as good as it gets for any University, competing for the best fans in my opinion comparable to fans from schools like The Ohio State University and Notre Dame. Fraternities suck the life force out of many social gatherings; they belong at different schools.


The best thing about Montana is the pride everyone has behind the school. I think Missoula is a great college town I know my hometown doesn't show nearly as much city wide support for the local college. The most common complaint would have to be that there is a severe shortage of parking on campus which is completely true.


Montana is amazing. I truly believe anyone can find their specific niche here. The town is so supportive of its students. Ok, maybe just the football team, but still, give them a little credit. I think people like them so much because they're the town drama.


There is alot of good and bad things about school here. No indoor track facility, overpriced parking, no parking, bad financial aid office, overpriced and bad food selection, underbudgeted athletic programs accept for football and basketball. Also its hit and miss on teachers. It is a nice campus however and the town is really sweet.


The best thing about Montana is that it is a beautiful campus no matter what season it is. The University of Montana is well respected as an academic school, as well as there athletics. The campus is just the right size. It is a closed campus so everything is within walking distance but it is still a pretty big campus. There are about 14,000 students that attend the university so there is always a new face to see, but everyone is very nice and it is very easy to make friends. Montana is in Missoula, MT and it is a huge college town. Everyone in Missoula are huge supporters of the university and especially love and take great pride in their Grizzly football team. The school spirit is unmeasurable. The school is always putting on pep rallies for sports teams and doing activities that anyone on campus can participate in. The schools cheerleaders and dance team are the leaders of our school spirit. One experience i will always remember is when i was first a freshman and how great it felt to be a grizzly and to be a part of such a great university.


My favorite thing about Montana is the diversity of people. There is so much to learn from all the different people that attend this school. I would have less construction going on. Maybe extend the U to the south campus. This school seems just right for me in size. They are intrigued and usually jealous because I live in such a a beautiful part of the country. Also they assume that you are a "Mountain Man." I spend most of my time in the Adams Center (for sports) or the ROTC building (Schreiber Gym). Missoula has that college town feeling when it wants to but sometimes you wouldn't even think there is a state university under that big "M". I think there is a lot of school pride here at Montana, don't believe me, go to a football game. I'll always remember my first football game. The only complaints I hear on a regular basis are about parking.


My best friend goes to Georgetown in Washington D.C. and whenever I call and tell her about a uniquely Montanan experience I've had, she really gets a kick out of it. For instance, I was on a run in the twilight hours through the residential area surrounding campus and I almost hit a deer who was standing on the sidewalk nibbling on someone's grass--I didn't see it till the last second! SHe laughed for about an hour and then proceeded to tell all her preppy friends at Georgetown. They must have a very skewed perception of Montana because of my stories. I love the size of campus. Geographically, you can walk anywhere on campus in under ten minutes and the Oval is so much fun to have at the center. During the summer, people are always playing frisbee, reading, tanning and hanging out with friends in the Oval. It truly is the heart of campus. ALso, I love the number of people at UM. As a freshman, I don't know about 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the people I see on campus, so I see people I do know, I definitely get excited and say hi. I like feeling independent and not knowing every single person here, but it's also nice to see people you know on a regular basis walking around.


Best thing about Montana is the natural wonders. I would change the education system in general. Size is fine. People support the football team but are more than willing to abandon them in a tough situation. These fans make up the dregs of the sporting world.


The best thing about UM is the closeness to outdoor activities, you can be in the wilderness 30 minutes after leaving school. I wouldn't change anything! The school is just right, its not too big where you feel like a number. People often think there is nothing in Montana and why would I choose to go there? I spend most of my time in my dorm room between classes doing homework. Certainly a college town, you can bike anywhere and there are many bars to go to downtown. The Montana administration really looks out for the well being of students. The biggest recent controversy is how far the UM Productions is bending over backwards to bring Elton John back for a concert. Griz Football games=School pride. There is nothing unusual about Montana unless open skys scare you :-). I will always remember backpacking with the Great Burn Study group my freshman year to remove knapweed, quite a fun experience. A frequent student complaint is not enough parking, but UM has an excellent bus system, so students should utilize it more.