Hendrix College Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


There is always something happening on campus, so I usually go to whatever the main event is that weekend (i.e. concerts, campus-wide theme parties, etc.) and the other night that weekend I'll usually do something a little quieter, either hanging out with a few friends for dinner or playing games at someone's apartment. Since there is no Greek life, a pretty good majority of the campus attends the bigger events sponsored by clubs on the weekends, and those events are almost always held on campus. For smaller parties people will open up their apartments around the border of campus so that their friends can drink and relax during their time off from class. Even though a lot of people drink, I've never felt pressured to drink/get drunk on nights that I want to take it easy. That easy-going attitude is definitely something that drew me to Hendrix. During the days, I usually try to do a little studying, often with friends, and then end up watching a movie or going out for lunch. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll muster up the energy to go to the WAC (Wellness & Athletic Center) or if not, I might run over to a friend's place to cook up some dinner. Pretty much anything is game on the weekends.