Hendrix College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Shirttails is always a lot of fun, I suppose.


We have a few traditions centered on birthdays, which can make that time really fun on campus. When you go to the cafeteria, the names of all the students who have a birthday that day are listed next to the menu at the door. Then, when you go to sit down with your friends, the cafeteria staff will come to your table with your own personal birthday cake, complete with a candle. One of the (louder) cafeteria workers will then announce to the whole dining hall that it's your birthday, and everyone will stop and sing/clap along to the Hendrix birthday song. After dinner, your friends will try to herd you toward the fountain, where they will then toss you in to end your special day with a splash. Don't worry- they'll check your pockets for your cell phone, etc.


Hendrix has a reputation for being a really tough school (at least in Arkansas), "hippie" students, an awesome Wellness and Athletic Center, and a lot of gays and lesbians. Most of fthose are true. Except there are all kinds of people here, not just hippies. And the only reason we have a higher number of gays and lesbians is because we're very open and accepting here. No lie, people really accept you for whoever you are here. It's currently Transgender Week here at Hendrix. : )


The quality of teaching


My school is best know as a great up and coming liberal arts school in the United States. The resources they provide for students through the Odyssey Program is overwhelming. We have great study abroad opportunities. The new facilities being built on campus are also top notch. Our new athletic facility has been open for a year now, including the pool and sports fields. A new student life and tehnology center is set to be open in January. The poets, writers, musicians, etc. that they bring in are world class, and such a great opportunity for us.


My school is best known for its cultivating environment, great professors, and academic prestige.


Hendrix College creates an environment of learning and free thinking. As part of the college experience every student must perform research projects that can be on any subject the student desires, the only requirement is that the student put their heart into the project. The professors and staff encourage sutdents to succeed in the best individual way for each student. The campus is beautiful, located in a small town, and very safe. Hendrix puts a great deal of emphasis on their athletic programs, because they are proud of the programs rather than from a extremely competitive perspective.


Hendrix College is best known for it's demanding yet supportive environment, as well as it's diversity and promotion of experiential learning.