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Hendrix College, because of its size, has a unique sense of community. With less than 1,500 students, professors, staff, and students get to know one another and regularly interact with each other on and off campus. The Odyssey Program contributes to this integrated community, as students work closely with faculty and staff on local and global projects designed by students.


My advice to you is to come visit Hendrix College. I could go on and on about how much I love this place and the people that make up this community, but unless you physically experience the campus you are not going to know of the Hendrix vibe and the wondrous effects it can have on you. And if you do come here and don't get those vibes, you will know it is not the place for you. The one word that I could use to describe Hendrix is "Hendrixy." I know, it is not a real word, but you will know what I am talking about if you get to experience yourself. My definition of "Hendrixy" would be as follows: The aura surrounding Hendrix College that makes you jump for joy for sundaes on Thursdays, get into a deep discussion about the meaning of life over cheesy bread, observe a squirrel for ten minutes straight because they are just interesting, almost pee your pants with laughter because your friend just convinced you to go streaking for thirty seconds because you were sick of studying, form the best relationships with fellow students and faculty alike, and is just real. That's what Hendrix truly is: real. We don't fake it. You ask us a question and you will get an honest opinion. We are not afraid to tell it as it is here. We love Hendrix for its boldness and you should too. If not, this isn't the place for you. If it is, you too will get to understand the true meaning of "Hendrixy."


they are very eclectic


Don't come to Hendrix if you don't like to meet people who are different from you. Don't come here if you don't like grandmotherly cafeteria ladies who know your name and ask about your day when you go through the food lines. Don't come if you don't want to learn something along the way. If none of those apply to you, you should come visit and see where you would fit into the school fabric.


I found that at Hendrix College, the college acts as a community more than any other school I considered. Hendrix has no Greek life, but they provide a plethora of opportunities to have fun and meet new people. Hendrix forms many core academic groups for each student, and has many events, providing the community of a sorority or fraternity without the high price, exclusiveness, and hazing. At Hendrix I feel like I'm a "sister" to all other students around me, and it is an amazing and unique feeling.


Going to Hendrix was the best decision I have made in my life. It changed me as a woman, a scholar, a friend, a sister, a daughter, and a human being. The friendships I forged and the lessons I learned will accompany me through the rest of my life. As I finish my master's degree at a much larger institution, I find myself exceedingly grateful that I am surrounded by Hendrix alums at my school and in my city. I can never thank my professors and mentors enough for making me the woman I am today: I am confident, compassionate, cared for, courageous, and ready to take on the world and show what you can do when you're equipped with a Hendrix degree.


Hendrix is a great school in a small Southern town with an intelligent and diverse student body. It is not that well known outside of Arkansas at present, but its reputation for producing interesting, hard-working students is making its name more recognizable by the day. Don't be scared by the price tag - Hendrix gives some sort of aid or scholarship to virtually everyone who attends.


Hendrix is a great place. Conway, the town in which Hendrix is located, is not exactly a metropolis. It does however, have a Wal Mart, a good selection of reasonably priced restaurants, some nicer restaurants with bars, a hospital and a good selection of other services within walking distance of campus. What else does a college student need? Downtown is nice, and the crime found in larger cites is not a concern in Conway. The slower pace of life in Conway lends itself to a better experience within what has been coined "The Hendrix Bubble." If you want a night out in a big city, or need a service not offered in Conway, Little Rock is just 30 minutes away. Memphis is 3 hours, and Dallas is within a days drive.


The unique thing about Hendrix is their Odyssey program. Each student usually receives some type of scholarship from this program. Basically, this program invites students to come up with three projects that cultivate new learning experiences through different forms of learning than just the normal class room setting. Every part of the project is up to the student as long as it fulfills the requirements and all three projects can take place anytime during their four years at Hendrix.


Hendrix College is a community. Everyone is involved, and everyone's opinion counts. There are no frats or sororieties, and sports are not the rule. Hendrix prides itself on its unique, mandatory Odyssey progam, which serves as an outlet for students to go beyond their classes to develop three different types of projects which expand on their own interests. The Hendrix motto "Unto the Whole Self" is a truth. Students here are happy because they are given the tools necessary to become competent, contributing members of our larger close-knit community. Everyone knows your name!


It has a different atmosphere than any other college I visited. I felt at home when I came here. And I really liked that Hendrix had such an intense focus on academics. The classes here are not easy by any means. They really challenge you here, and I like that.


Of all the schools I had toured, Hendrix has the most diverse student population. The Hendrix community may be small, but it is an immensely tight-knit community. No matter what God we worship, who we vote for, or the color of our skin, we realize that we are all belong to the Hendrix community. Hendrix, besides its strong academic programs, also encourages unconventional learning techniques through programs such as the Odyssey program. Students are encouraged through the Odyssey program to utilize the skills we have learned in the classroom and use it to help others outside of our community.


The sense of community found here I really far more coheasive and friendly than the ones I hear about from friends going to other schools.


SUNY IT is a much smaller school compared to the other SUNY schools I had visited.


Everyone is friendly. You get thrown in the fountain on your birthday. People call you to ask if you have any questions. The admissions counselors keep in contact and when you get accepted they send you your favorite candy and glitter in your acceptance envelope. The general atmosphere is wonderful. Everyone knows each other and they talk to each other. They'll talk to prosbies and even keep in tough with some.


The Odyssey program at Hendrix is very unique. Odyssey gives students the opportunity to explore things they are intersted and if funding is an issue, the school can fund you to do this project. I can not think of another college or university that gives students this opportunity at an undergraduate level. The other schools I looked at did not have a program like this, and Odyssey really stood out to me when I was considering Hendrix.


In conclusion, Hendrix is awesome! Enough said.