Hendrix College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Disciplining students is not fairly done. It appears to me that the administration would rather keep the student's money coming in than kick someone out. I know two people who were sexually assaulted and harassed and although the administration said they would kick the offender out, they did not. It's a Private College and they don't like to bring in the outside police. They seem to sweep things under the table.


They are not very tolerant of Christians.


After a night of hard raining, there are huge water puddles all over the main campus. They really need to do something about the drainage system on campus.


Student don't know how to get things done in the real world.


Although very open to ideals, Hendrix College is majority liberal students that can be extremly close minded to other political or philisophical beliefs.


The thing that I like the least about my school is the cafeteria food. Although there are many entries to choose from, many are loaded with fats and carbs. I have always been a healthy, hearty eater, and even though greasy foods sometimes entice me, they do me no favors. I do have choices there, and I am grateful for that. There is usually a sandwich type alternative or a salad that I can create, but it is just no match for food from home.


That most of the parties involve alcohol.


The location of the college is the worst thing about hendrix college..


The worst thing about my school is the campus when it rains.


There are not many things wrong with Hendrix College, but I feel that the worst thing would be that sometimes Public Safety is very slow. I had a friend who got locked out of her apartment at night and she was alone. It took 45 minutes for Public Safety to arrive to let her in. Fortunately, the college is working on this problem, but until the changes are evident, it would be best to travel in groups.


The intellectual burden and workload throws students into depression and feelings of inadequacy. Though students want a light-hearted respite after a week of high stress, the only main events on the weekends are centered around on or off campus parties, which often include beer pong but rarely include Scrabble. Stressed students turn to alcohol to relieve stress, but it seems that many become alcholics by senior year.


I do not like food. I'm an African, the food taste very different, I wish I could have food like from home sometime.


The worst thing about my school is that the school often times seems to not listen to the students and makes decisions that often cause arguements throughout the school.


There isn't really anything bad about my school. I absolutely love it! The only problem is that sometimes it is hard to get you first choice in housing as an underclassman, but it's like that everywhere. All the housing is good, and Hendrix is willing to work to get you where you need to be.


The Library is not open 24 hours a day. The also increased enrollment before they completed enough living space, should be solved by 2009.


The administration continues to raise tuition and make changes to the school that are better for their fiscal concerns than they are for those of the students.


The fact that there is a complete disconnect in atmosphere/aspirations/goals/likes/dislikes between the staff & trustees who run the school and the students & faculty who live/work here. The administration could give two-shits about the environment (unless it got them good press). All the administration wants is a football loving, wealthy, conservative student body and instead they've got the bicycling, wealthy (but ashamed of it), liberal, hippy love children who want to free Tibet.


They're introducing football as a sport in the near future.