Hendrix College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


There is a lot of variety at Hendrix, but generally speaking students are seen as politically liberal, open-minded, smart, and quirky. That may be the case, but there are some vocal conservatives on campus, and beliefs fall everywhere on the spectrum. I would say the quality that could most easily be pinned to a majority of students is our acceptance of others' differences - regardless of sexuality, politics, religion, money, etc. you will be respected at Hendrix as long as you respect others.


I do not think that there is one specific type of stereotype here at Hendrix. You can find a wide range of students strolling around campus on a regular basis: nerdy, sporty, hipster, hippie, preppy, liberal, conservative, and so on and so forth. I feel as if everyone here at Hendrix is accepted because we all share this "Hendrix vibe" that you really cannot put into words. You've to feel it to believe it.


Typical Hendrix student: there is none. Seriously. Think of every college stereotype and I can think of a face to match. To better explain… I had three roommates my freshman year, and two girls who practically lived in my room. Memphis, New Orleans, upstate New York, California-turned-Arkansas, St. Louis and Philadelphia were represented geographically. Dance, band, tennis, arts-and-crafter-extraordinaire, Ultimate Frisbee and swimming were our ‘main’ extra-curriculars. Stereotypes: brainy future politician, stoner sex kitten, intensely competitive blonde athlete, goofy-but-lovable girl, hot-bisexual-next-door, über-busy Mom-type. We all got along and still have dinner together every Saturday night. Now expand that out campus-wide and you’ll better understand why there’s not a “typical” Hendrix student. The most commonly shared characteristic of the student body is that some freakishly large percentage of the campus voted for Obama; democratic bastion in Arkansas, I guess (even so, my roommate is a die-hard Republican… go figure). What I hear from kids at the AR state schools who come to our rockin' parties, we're the "smart rich kids who party hard" (rich because it's a private school).


From hosting students and leading families on campus walks during the four years I attended Hendrix, I heard a lot of "isn't Hendrix a hippie school? or "isn't Hendrix super liberal?" There are many misconceptions about Hendrix because it is a private, LIBERAL arts college living among other institutions of higher learning with thousands of students and no visible diversity. Because Hendrix's size is smaller than surrounding universities/colleges, our differences are simply more noticeable.


Rich kids, hippies, liberals, partiers, hardworking students.


Activists, Party Animals, Liberal, Intelligent


We are a very liberal community that attracts people with open minds.