Hendrix College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The classes were engaging and I enjoyed the homework. The teachers were inspirational and personalible and seemed to take a personal interest in their students, especially if the students were engaging and willing to work hard.


The beest thing about Hendrix College is that it is not UCA, not CBC, and not high school. This is a think tank where intellect and parties are rampant.


My college is pretty small so every students can be paid more attention on.


The academic environment and faculty support.


Advisors. I could not make it without my advisor. They are very understanding and thus very helpful.


The accepting and welcoming attitudes of the professors and staff. It made for a comfortable learning environment.


Wonderful falculty and learning enviorment.


The best thing about Hendrix is the sense of community. It's a small school, so you get to know most people on campus, but it's large enough to continue meeting new people. Everyone is friendly and accepting of everyone around them. I had a wonderful experience at Hendrix that I would never trade.


The best thing about Hendrix, and the component that sets it apart from other schools, is the relatively small size of the classroom.