Henry Ford College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The difference between the school I've chosen compared to other schools is that the culture and atmosphere are compared to no other. I have great relationships with some of it's staff and faculty. I have family members and friends that also attend this school plus it has a good business administration program and cullinary arts program. What really sets it aside is the people that attend and teach there everyones normally friendly and helpful.


Alot of things the academics,tuition,how diverse and social it is.The teachers and staffs are really friendly and inviting.Another is many subjects have tutors avaiable to teach and help college students attending there.


Henry Ford Community College is best known for all the different ethnicity types there. It's filled with different people of different races so it brings great discussions in classrooms.


My school is known for having the great Nursing program among other community colleges, this college has a lot of student who are good in Chemistry.