Heritage University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I can't think of any positives associated with Heritage University. I would encourage prospective students to save their time and money and go some place else. I wish someone had told me the same thing. The school is very expensive and the quality of education is very poor. A majority of the courses I was instructed to take had little or nothing to do with my chosen field of study. I hope no one else makes the same mistake.


It is not far from my family and has all the classes I need to complete my Nursing degree.


The program I am attending values desire to enter the profession, and has a student-oriented approach.


What i consider the best about my school is that even though is really espensive there is ways to help you pay off your school such as financial aid, scholarships, work study and others. I think is great having these opportunities because it inspires you to keep up with your education. well this is what happened to me im reciving financial aid and that is how i am paying for school.