Hesston College Top Questions

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Once thing that is unique about my school is the great amount of diversity in ethnicity, religion, politics, and economics. For a two-year private Christian college, we have an uncommonly high amount of diversity in our student body. There are nearly 450 students at this college that represent ten countries, 27 states, and 25 official religious affiliations. Interacting with those who are completely different from myself has been a very enriching, unique, and stimulating experience for me that I think would be hard to find at many other colleges.


Hesston College is a very warm and welcoming college. The first time I visited the campus, students would smile and say hello in passing. There is a very refreshing and optimistic view of life and education here. I would say it is unique because the students call the professors by their first names. Not only is it normal, but it is encouraged. The goal is to create an atmosphere of family, a feeling that you are close to your professors even outside the classroom, where they become your mentors and friends. It is a very enjoyable and warming experience.