High Point University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Campus is fantastic, classes are good, food choices are great.


High Point University is a type of school that will make youre dreams come because around campus, there's not only inspiring activities to do everyday, but there is classical music always playing, inspiring quotes and statues of people such as Ben Franklin and Albert Einstein, and areas to relax and just think.


It is extraordinary.


High Point University is a school that is practically brand new to the upcoming college generations. This university might as well be a resort; considering it has it's own pool and jacuzzi, fit with a smoothie bar, a sports bar, numerous lounging facilities, and so much more. The campus is serene and, seemingly, magical. As a student walks along the promenade, classical music is constantly playing--inspiring the desire for knowledge. Never the less, at High Point University, every student recieves an extraordinary education in an inspring environment with caring people.


At High Point University students receive an adequate education in an incredibly fun environment that allows them to take full advantage of many opportunities, if they seek them out.


ITT Technical Institute is more than just a college, it's the beginning of my future!


My school is a place where I have the oppertunity to recieve an extraordinary education with fun and caing people supporting me.


its high point. you'll understand when you visit


This school is amazing from having great teachers, to really good on campus food (besides the caferteria), to the great on campus housing.


My school in one sentence would be extremely difficult to do, but if I had to I would say what everyone here at High Point knows to be true, and it?s that High Point University is extraordinary. Meaning that not only do they offer an amazing environment to live and learn in, but they also offer amazing classes that would impress anyone who has been there.


High Point University is an extraordinary school full of caring people that really want every student to suceed; classes are small and professors know each of their students by name; the campus is probably the most beautiful campus ever and it makes for a fun envirnoment.


High Point University is in fact extraordinary and there is no other school on this planet like it.


The most wonderful school in the world!


At High Point University, every student recieves an extraordinarty education, in a fun environment, with caring people.




High Point University has been an amazing school to me; it has given me an opportunity that I honestly didn't think I could have again, a chance for a 4 year degree in something that is meaningful to me and not a degree that I felt like I had no other choice in choosing.


High Point University was a terrible school, they have their priorities in all the wrong places. This is from an academic as well as social perspective. The students drink and party too much, and the school condones the terrible behavior while not putting any money into academic programs but rather spends money on frivolous amenities such as free ice cream and snacks during the day.


At High Point University, every student receives an extraordinary education in a fun environment, with caring people.


It is a friendly and engaging school with diverse groups of people.


Extraordinary, fun, friendly, great opportunities, beautiful campus, caring professors, and an over all wonderful education and experience.


its small


A nice, quiet, southern small town school




It is totally different now