High Point University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


As I mentioned before, the students are generally friendly. There is a lack of racial diversity but it's still a great campus.


Student at High Point University are very dedicated to their studies. There are a lot of natural leaders that attend this school. However, there is a small diversity of students.


My classmates at High Point University are very diverse. We have people in multiple majors from biology to interior design to communications and many more! Students here are from all over the United States! I have friends from more than ten different states now. Students have so many talents! We are athletic, artistic, linguistic, musical, caring, and so much more! Overall the students at High Point University are thoughtful, responsible, respectful, intricate, and determined to reach their goals!


The students of High Point University are among the poliest and most amicable students in the country, as they all feel so blessed to be going to the school known for its beauty and comfort, and they are all driven to success under the inspiration of thier president and wonderful faculty.




I have meet some great friends.


The classmates that I learn with here at High Point University are, for the most part, geniune and kind. In the mornings, no doubt, there is a strong lack of participation considering no body wants to be awake so early. However, when I enter a classroom filled with my fellow peers, I do not feel judged and looked down upon as if I'm inferior. Everyone is treated with respect.


Many students who are placed in your classes are helpful, have good attitudes, are willing to do the work, are supportive during group projects and studying for tests and are friendly.


The Student Body is defintly NOT diverse. Granted I believe the different races get along well, you can tell that the percentage of minorities is small and somewhat stick together.


My classmates at High Point University are highly motivated in their academics, concerned with world affairs, fun loving and the future of America.


My classmates are enthusiastic, dedicated students who see each class as an investment toward their futures and work hard to get the most out of their education, while also devoting time to social and community activities so they can develop not only academicaly, but personally.


Classmates are generally enjoyable to be with, fun, outgoing, eager to learn.


Most classmates are from middle or above class families with more income than my family. My family has a hard time paying the tuition to this private college. But I really want to attend because it is small and personal.


Friendly but definite cliques are evident and form typically


LOVE IT! Greek life is amazing :)


Students never leave campus on the weekends and our Campus Activities Team had events in the evenings on Fridays and Saturdays and on random week days as well. When going to class students dress nicely... rarely do you see people dressed in their pajamas. Jeans and a nice shirt is probably the most normal outfit you would see around campus. In my eyes, there really aren't "different" types of students. Everyone seems to get along. I don't mind going into the cafeteria because I normally can find someone to sit and eat with. The people here are very warm and welcoming to new comers and it really is easy to make friends.


The student body as a whole is intolerant, drunk, stuck up, and ignorant of other people and cultures outside of the binge drinking atmosphere.


They were mostly girls since I was in Elementary Education.


they are extremely motivated to advance their educational careers and are extremely helpful in giving assistance if you need it.


Most of my classmates were kind and reserved, intelligent and openminded; some were very opinionated, but these always made for great class discussions.


We work hard, party, are there for each other, and keep in touch after we've left.


In my major, intelligent and hard working. They are also goal oriented. In some of the undergrad classes, lazy, unmotivated and entitled to an education becuase they come from money.


They are focused on studies but know that they need to relax sometimes


Individauls that were not only concerned about furthering themselves but making sure the environment for eveyone is enjoyable and successful.


Classmates in any class range from driven, competitive, career-focused individuals to some undecided folks who are learning and just "taking it all in."


My classmates consisted of amazing people that I look forward to staying in touch with for as LONG as possible!


My classmates for the most part are upper middleclass suburban white people.


my classmates are the calm and collected and they strive to learn as much as possible


The students at Highpoint are so diverse. They come from every walk of life. Some are from wealthy communiities and others are the opposite. We all seem to get along here. At Highpoint, we all feel comfortable talking with those who are different that we are . There are many students here who are from other countries and they bring a different perspective to enhance the classroom discussions.


My classmates are predominantly white preppy girls and boys that complain about the teachers and rather text their friends than learn.


My classmates are very diverse and are open to a new way of thinking, in the idea where it does not matter the type of person you are or what you look like, as long as you are just as open as they are.


Very optimistic, learning adults