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High Point University recognizes, more than any other school that I looked into, that there is more to success and significance than facts and knowledge. High Point is the school for students who want to make something of themselves hollistically. It encourages habits that make its students stand out in a crowd and it inspires students to not only deserve the campus they get to live on, but to strive to imporve the campus for everyone else. High Point students are never told that they can't do something and every students believes he can be somebody important.


High Point University really does care about it's students. They are constantly improving things that students bring to their attention. Also, the student to faculty ratio is great! All of my professors know me by name and are always there for me when I need them. Also, when you come here as a freshman you are basically assigned a team of people who support you throughout your first year. You get a freshman success coach, a peer mentor, and mentor that is from your major. All of this really made my transition from high school to college very easy.


High Point University is truly an extraordinary institution of higher education. From the first time I set foot on campus, I knew that I wanted to attend High Point University. Not only was the campus beautiful, but all the students and professors were so warm and welcoming. Also unique to High Point University is the closeness that is displayed between the president of the school and the students. He not only teaches a class at the university, but also walks around campus greeting his students and looking for additional improvements to be made to the campus.


My school has state of the art programs for alot of popular majors, especially communications. They don't teach "Theory of" classes. We get straight hands on experience here at HPU and to me, that's the best way to learn.


The campus and dorms are GORGEOUS!!! Also the food choices on campus are nice. Some people complain but the caf is definitely better than lots of your bigger schools....plus there's a Subway, Chick-fil-a, Bakery (Panera style), Sports Grille along with other options where you can use your mean plan.


High Point University is a private institution; therefore it is not a very large school. This is an advantage because it is easier to make friends in this environment and the classes are smaller so there is more one on one interaction with your professors-all of your professors will know you individually. High Point offers luxury living with state of the art housing, a campus steakhouse, movie theater, arcade and free ice-cream truck all included within tuition and fees.


You will never find a school with more WOW factors than High Point University. This school is all about spoiling the students and letting students get a glimpse of the real extravagant world that many live in upon graduation with their career. In our meal plan, we are allowed to fine dine at the 1924 Prime Steakhouse that is a 5-star restaurant located in the student center. The school has a restaurant similar to the ESPN Zone with a full arcarde, and they have many resident halls similiar to Hilton Hotels. It is truely an amazing campus.


The size of High Point fits me well because I was looking for a smaller school. Also, no other school gives students the individual attention that students at High Point recieve. High Point offers a caring environment with people that care about others and respet their surroundings. When you walk around campus everyone is smiling. Now i find myself doing the same thing, it is impossible not to be happy here.


This school really tries to make your college experience the best. They give us snacks on the way to class and if you need to relax we have a movie theater and arcade.


My school not only wants its students to be ahead academically but it strives to impart life virtues through the amenities it offers. For example the campus ice cream truck (yes we have one) models joy and reminds us to be joyful. Free snacks, drinks, and gifts offered all over campus model generosity. Also High Point is dotted by fountains, ponds, and waterfalls, our President believes water represents life provides a more comfortable environment. High Point spares no expense saying "If a student is surrounded by excellence, they will be excellent."


Very small class size, incredibly prompt repsonses to students needs, personal relationships with professors.


The school has the some of the finest facilities and the president of the university is a well known businessman, entrepreneur, and the only man to me named "the world's top ten communicator" twice.


The professors care, are usually available, and go the extra mile to help students learn, and the smaller class sizes allow for plenty of fruitful discussion and individual learning connections.


High Point University is constantly growing and changing for the better. Our president actually listens to the students and takes our suggestions into strong consideration. Our activity and social groups all support one another. Greek life, athletes, performers, and club members always have a great representation at each other's events. This behavior contributes to High Point's healthy campus community.


My school is full of joyous people and led by a president who wants the best on all the lives of his students.


It is all about the students! The best class experience and the best campus life. The campus is going through a lot of changes and it's only getting better.


Our school president is often seen around campus and even eating with students in the cafeteria. He makes it a point to try and talk to everyone he can. I didn't even see the president of any other schools I visited.


The president of the school really cares about his students. He has an open door policy. The school goes all out to make the campus a great place to stay


They allow freshmen to live in single style rooms ina coed dorm.