High Point University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I am telling my friends about High Point Unversity, I am most likely to talk about the amazing education that I am getting here. The professors that I have truly care about my success and it is so heartwarming to see that in a university. My largest class has 35 people, which is absolutely amazing being a freshman in college. I know all of my professors and they know my name and are willing to help me succeed. I also brag about the amenities. High Point is absolutely beautiful and makes you appreciate the world you live in.


There is plenty to brag about when it comes to High Point University. You really do get your money's worth. Here's just a few things to brag about: --we have a five-star steak house on campus (that is included in your meal plan) - free snacks and water (or hot chocolate when it's cold) every morning on your way to class - free ice-cream truck -a movie theater where you not only see the movie for free but you also get a drink, popcorn and candy too -and more!


High Point has two pools on campus and the weather is usually warm. We have a four star steak house on campus which allows students to eat there once a week. We have a free movie theater that gives out candy,popcorn and drinks complimentary. All my classes are close to the housing so it only takes me 3-5minutes to walk to class.


We get a lot of "free" things. In all seriousness we do, but that is because of how much money we pay to go there. High Point give many oppertunity for each major and has many oppertunity to stay involved, on or off campus. The weekends are fun to go out with friends and meet new people.


I have not yet started college. We will begin next week Monday. I am very excited to be going to ITT Technical Institute! The college was not an option for me to click on before. I brag most about the compassion and care that each staff member has shown to me. That is one of the main reasons I chose to go to ITT Technical Institute rather than any of the other colleges. They show that they are wanting to help me in reaching my goal!


If you’re looking for a school where you can work hard and play hard, High Point University should definitely be at the top of the list. With a strong academic program, sterling faculty and an active Greek system (Fraternity Row), this is the place for the student on the go. For those who prefer dining somewhere other than the school cafeteria, there are a variety of restaurants and bistros, all within a mile radius. Social butterflies will be pleased to know there are over 100 clubs on campus. With so much to do, there is good reason to apply.


Everything. I brag about how we have all new dorms, student center, movie theater, arcade, steak house, sports bar grille, bakery, two swimming pools, trolly service, wifi all over campus, and new academic buildings.


High Point University has a beautiful campus. We also have a great student to teacher ratio and you get to know your professor and it is easy to get help from them, and they really do care if a student succeeds. At High Point University, everyone who visits feels welcome. Also at High Point University, we are taught life lessons along with book smarts so we will know how to treat others and how to interact with people when we graduate from college.


High Point fauculty and staff truly care about their student's success in school and where they will be after the graduate from High Point University.


I brag about how beautiful and quaint the campus is and also how great the program is for my major. I love going to smaller school because I have the chance to get to know people rather than just pass by thousands of people. The program from my major s everything I could ask for wih ew technology and experienced professors. I feel really lucky that I get to attend this school because of how many opportunities I will receive from such a great communications program.


I tell my friends how nice the school I attend is. I describe what the atmosphere in the school is like. I tell how the teachers and staff treat the students. I tell them that I could get help on any subject that I am struggling with and how the library is open 24 hours so that students and staff could get the late night work done.


High Point University has a great selection of things to do oustide of academics. There are plenty of places to get involved and campus is always busy. If you're looking for a place where you can sit back and relax or where you can do something fun, at HPU you have everything at your fingertips. From a movietheater to an arcade, you don't even have to leave campus to go out to dinner and a movie. In addition, the academic program is excellent. The university is balanced in its philosophy and encourages students to relax and to study.


The staff truely cares about the students and accomodates the student's needs nicely.


The dorms and things the school does to make students feel special.


Firstly, I brag about my incredible professors in the History Department, I am so grateful to have such a special group of professors who not only are well knowledged in their chosen field, but also have amazing experiences to reflect on in class.


The campus and its Preisdent.


Just how friendly everyone is at my school, and how everyone seems to care about you, even the president of the university, who makes himself available to every student. I truly believe being in High Point University has been an extraordinary experience!


Mostly about the weather, North Carolina stays warm for a long time even though we're in the mountains. All my friends went to school up north. I was still laying by the pool in late October while they were freezing.


I talk mostly about all the activities they plan for us and all of the perks that High Point offers. I tell them about the ice cream truck and the free t-shirts and things like that.


Normally, I tell my friends about the facilities that are available on campus. This includes the new business school building as well as the nice apartment style dorms on campus.


Phi Mu, sisters/friends, dorm, interior design


I brag about all of the fun activities we have on campus, the speakers we have, and all of the new things that are happening on campus.