High Point University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is its location. High Point county is a low class, residential area which would be fine if High Point University were a larger school. However, since we are only 4,000 or less students, we tend to get swallowed up in the local High Point scene. I would have liked to go to a school in a city or at least in a so-called "college town" just to have had more of a relationship with the community. HPU is intentionally gated, and that isolates its students from the outer world.


There really is not anything bad about High Point. The academics, environment, and campus are extraordinary. If there is one thing I would change, it is that is not a lot of trees and wild life in the gated campus, but the beautiful gardens more than make up for it.


I honestly believe the worst thing about High Point is leaving it. When I moved onto campus I immediately felt right at home. The surrounding city of High Point is pretty sketchy, but the campus provides anything you could ever desire or want. I love it here, not only for the aesthetic beauty but because you just feel a sense of community here.


High Point is such a wonderful school, but is ver costly, I truly should not be attending High Point based on my mother's income, but she makes it work and struggles because she knows it's something I really want.


The worst thing about my school is the distance from home.


The worst thing about my school is its lack of ethnic diversity. The students as a whole are very diverse, coming from many different states and countries. However, the student poplulation does not have much ethnic diversity. About seventy percent of the student population is white. I would just wish to have a larger variety of ethnic diversity on the campus.


There are not many bad things to say about my school. But I would have to say the worst thing about the school is that the campus kiosk is not open throughout the day.


The student body is overly rich; they do not have an appreciation for the rest of the country's financial issues.


I believe that the worst thing about our school is that we do not have a football team. Everyone always wants to be able to go to their school's football game but we do not have that, but we all attend all the other school sports games to be supportive on behalf of our school.


Personally, the availability of scholarships and financial awards to help students study abroad. Study abroad is greatly emphasized at HPU, yet there is very little aid available to help one do so.


I think that one of the worst things about my school is the food. There is generally a good variety, but it tends to lack fresh fruit and vegetables. The meal plans are also difficult becuase if you don't use all of the meals alloted for the week you don't get a credit for them, and there is no way for you to use them at any other time except for that week.


there is not a football team as of now, but they are working on it and there should be one in the next few years.


The atmosphere is no longer that of academia. It is now an atmosphere of fun and parties. Academics are not as important as keeping a student happy.


How very little the town has to offer in entertainment. But their are great town nearbly with entertainment. The beach and the mountains are within a few hours drive form High Point.


They are expanding and occasionally the construction can get in the way




I honestly cannot think of anything bad enough at my school to be remembered. It might not be perfect, but there is nothing perfect in this world.


The worst thing about High Point, in comparison to everything else it offers, is its academics. Emphasis is mostly placed on extracurricular activities and fun, and funding reflects that. We are an extremely well-funded school, and it seems that all our money goes to new building and campus enhancement. I feel as if the cost of the school does not reflect the quality of the education.


When applying to this school, consider how your life will be after your freshman year. There is great emphasis on the need to be thrown into the college world but not enough on what to do once you get there or when you leave that world.




The cost, because i am trying not to have so many loans


The worst thing I consider about my school is the unavailability of jobs on and around campus. My school only entitles jobs to those who receive financial aid.