High Point University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who needs financial aid.


Highpoint University doesnt come off as a very diverse school. That being said, if you dont feel comfortable being around people that like to flash thier money around then this probably isnt the school for you. If you dont like "southern hospitality" then you should also look at attending somewhere else. If you feel like you are one of those people that just wont be able to come out of thier shell no matter how hard they try then you shouldnt go here considering the majority of the students praise the schools spirit, clubs, and organizations that get you involved.


This school would not be well-suited for someone who is not self-motivated. This institution offers plenty of opportunities for growth and learning but it does require that the individual takes personal responsibility to get involved with these offerings. Someone who wants all of their classes to cover everything they could ever want to know shouldn't attend High Point. High Point is what you make of it, so someone who isn't willing to put forth that effort won't make much of it at all.


The school doesn't offer many Vegan meal choices. My friend was living off of veggie stir-fry and french fries before she got home sick and left.


People who are extremely independent and like big schools. If you want to meet alot of different people and are good with big classes and a big undergraduate population than do not go here. Also students who are all about partying and goofing off should not go here ebcause although people here have fun, the school is too expensive to not get your money's woth.


While HPU is a good school, it is not a “party school”, nor is it for the lazy or faint of heart. Anyone looking to be coddled or babysat would also be advised not to apply. The faculty are always supportive, flexible and willing to help out should the need arise. But they aren’t the same as a parent or guardian, and shouldn’t be expected to behave as such. HPU is also fairly low on drama—you won’t find many people running to the barricades here, so that should also be taken into consideration when applying.


free spirits. anyone one not wealthy or rediculously preppy.


A person that don't want to achieve in life.


Focused students with religious faith beliefs will do well at this college. There are opportunities for learning disability students to do well also. The classes are small and the professors are helpful.


This isn't really the right school for someone who doesn't like to be social or for someone that doesn't have very much money. I've often felt out of place because it seems like everyone here comes from rich families.


Outgoing, enthusiastic, goal oriented students.


Someone who has misinterupted or skewed ideas of what college really is. They see colleges represented in movies like "Animal House" and "Accepted" and believe thats what High Point will be like. Someone like that, shouldn't attend HPU.


A person who doesn't take his or her education seriously should not attend this school. The binge drinking and partying is quite high, but the students still have to do well and study hard.


A very rich person!


A person that really into higher learning and wants to go to a new environment.