Highline College Top Questions

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Highline Community College is one of the most diverse colleges in Washington State, which is wonderful because I am able to learn from, share a classroom with, and volunteer with many different cultures. I have learned so much not only from the classes but from the students and I think that in order to receive a great education you have to attend a school that opens your mind and your heart to new experiences. Highline has given me this opportunity and I'm excited to see where this education takes me next.


Through the years I?ve had the opportunity to study at six different colleges throughout the nation, and I have to say the most unique thing about Highline Community College is the overall high quality of the teaching staff, and the ethnic diversity of the students.


I love the professors here. They actually do care about their students. I have found, in every quarter, a professor more different from the last, but they always have one thing in common, and that is the well-being of their students. They make sure that everyone has the opportunity to achieve and gain excellence. They strive to encourage you from class work to understanding life outside of class. The professors are the soul of Highline Community College and HCC would be nothing without them!