Highline College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person who should attend Penn State or any college is one who wants to achieve higher and accomplish great things in life. If you want to further your education and become a part of something greater then I suggest this is the school for you.


I think the people who have choosen Education as their major should attend Central Washington University.


Highline Community College is an excellent place for any aspiring student that has the desire to learn and better themselves as a scholar, professional, and overall person.


Highline has a wide variety of courses. If you are looking to go onto the nursing field, along with education and law, Highline is a good school for you. They also have a good music program, and it continues to excel. The Student programs are well done, and have a good number of student involvment. So if you are looking for a way to help on campus, Highline has many ways to be involved. Centeral Washington University also has a campus on Highline. This allows you to get a 4 year degree for less money.


This is a good school for someone that wants to take advantage of a mix of teaching methods from on campus classes to online classes. In my case, I wanted a specialized program that I couldn't find at other community colleges, as I am an entrepreneur, and needed to approach a professional certification while I worked out the potential for completed the two year.


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