Highline College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Keep all your notes. Preferably in a composition book for easy storage. It becomes a mini, personal textbook you can use for years to come. Your tuition value is literally held in the pages of the notes you take!


I can't think of a single thing I wish I would have known before coming to Highline. I truly believe that once a person makes the decision to go to college, they should embrace it and start their learning process immediately. It is the experiences that occur while in college that really mold someone as a student and future graduate. No amount of research or understanding is going to prepare a person for the college experience. My advice is to jump in with both feet and start swimming!


I wish I would have had more information on the Highline's programs and activities. Once I was accepted, the only thing I recieved was an acceptance letter. There was no information on the different degrees and programs behind those degrees. I wish I would have known about all the different emphasis areas that Highline offered. If I would have known about the Centereal Washington Program they offer on Highline's campus, I would have looked more into it before I began.


the parking situation and accessibility of the computer lab