Hilbert College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My peers are very friendly people and I enjoy being able to know almost everyone on a first name basis.


My classmates are able to work together and share thoughts about the topic without harming anyone.


My classmates are very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are friendly, helpful and completely supportive.


They're willing to learn but at the same time looking to enjoy the learning experience.


My classmates are determined to get good grades and have a sucessful four years at Hilbert.


student in my classes tend to be educated, focus and open-minded to some of the things we're learning.


My classmates can't really be described; they are one really diverse bunch.


i think it to be true in most schools the freshman can be very irritating b/c no one is watching them and taking them by the hands any more they are really on their own for the first time and the freedom can be over whelming for some after the first year most everyone else is focused on their schooling and getting good grades to get a good job


Some are annoying and shouldn't be here, and some will be well off in life, and are on the right track.


Peers are determined and dedicated to their education.