Hilbert College Top Questions

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My school is unique because the professors really care about our future. Although we are a small college the professors are able to work with every student individually to improve and encourage our academic behavior. Compared to every other college we aren't considered just a number in a class but a person who wants to be successful with the guidance of their professors and faculty.


I believe that Hilbert College is uniquebecause at most schools there are a vast number of students and professors sometimes only acknowledge them by number. At Hilbert, everyone knew everyone! The teachers would know the students by name and I can appreciate the fact that the classes weren't too large.


I like this school because the class rooms are small, and you have more one on one time with the teachers.


Hilbert College is known for small class sizes and excellent education. I really enjoy having no more than 25 kids in a class. This helps the teachers be more intuitive with their students learning. To go along with this, Hilbert is also well known for being a top CJ/FS school. Therefore, I wanted to be sure I was picking a good school for Criminal Justice(CJ) and Forensic Science(FS).


Buffalo New York is pretty much a college town. There are a lot of colleges similar to Hilbert in that they are small, Christian and offer a four year liberal arts degree. I chose Hilbert because of the town, basketball and the basketball coach. The girl's basketball coach at my high school attended Hilbert and thought I would fit in.