Hilbert College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Going back to MY senior year, I would tell myself to pull through because the college I've decided to go to is the place that I have been waiting to find. I finally have friends, and there are events that I actually go to. Also, I would tell my senior self to dorm, because it is the best experience, even though it costs a lot of money. Dorming is by far better than the hour commute.


Going back in time, I would have told myself two things, the first being to enjoy my time there while it lasted. Although, high school wasn't the most fun for me, I wish I would have made it better for myself. After high school there is a lot of growing up to be done and even though it doesn't feel like that's true while you're in the middle of it, it happens quickly. Being an adult isn't always fun, so I wish I would have cherished my time as a teenager. The second thing would be that I would have told myself to try harder. I should have pushed for better grades and got more involved so I would have scholarships and other opportunities lined up for me.


If I could go back as a high school student, I would tell myself to keep an open mind and never say no to an opportunity; give everything a shot because you never know if you will love it. There were times within my college career that I listened to that advice and other times I did not. My biggest regret senior year was not applying for Hilbert College's Honor's Program. I was afraid I would not have enough time for it, knowing I was going to participate on the cross country team, so I threw away the application. At the end of freshman year, I was asked to apply again and I did. I love being a part of the program, it has made me become a better person. Another opportunity I took was participating in basketball and lacrossse along with cross country. I had never played lacrosse before, but now it is one of my favorite activities. Joining the Honor's program and all three sports has allowed me to meet so many diffrerent people; each team is completely different than the other. I have stopped living with regets once I stopped saying no to opportunities.


If I could go back to my senior year with the knowledge I know about college now, I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships and become more involved with school events.


The advice I would give myself as a student in college is learning about financial aid/FAFSA, developing better writing skills, and preparing for classes. As a junior in college I have no understanding on how to complete my financial aid. I believe in all High Schools there should be an optional college 101 class for those that want to attend college within their junior year. This class will prepare students with the knowledge of their own budget and what they need to complete their financial aid/FAFSA correctly. While attending High School I only received two ten page papers and now that I’m in college I receive ten page papers in every course. At first I struggled and attended the tutors quite frequently because High School didn’t prepare me for all these assignments at one time. As I prepare myself for classes in college it’s very different than High School. In High School I was able to submit assignments in late without being penalized, but being a college student professors don’t accept late assignments. I also believe I should’ve token advantage of tutoring more and learning better study habits for quizzes, midterms and exams.


If i had the chance to go back and give myself advice i would take it in a heartbeat. There are a few things that i would like to change about high school. I would tell myself to study harder so i would have higher grades and make the top ten list. I would tell myself to talk to the teachers more and even get close to couple more than i did. That way i could get more references than i had and not always use the same people. Also i would have more support through high school. Im not sure about the transition advice becuse i did okay with tht. I was excited for a new beginning and to start college. My first semester went smoothly and i had pretty easy classes. The biggest advice i would give myself is to talk alot more, speak my mind and make my opinion heard. Also dont be afraid of public speaking, we have to do it at some point.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would tell myself not to drop out! Its very difficult to return!


I would tell myself to go to community college first instead of a private college for my associate degree. I would also tell myself to apply to many scholarships even thought I may not be up to it. I would tell myself to at least make one connection so I would have a better chance of getting a job when I leave college.


All through grammar school I was such in a big rush to graduate and get into Highschool, I was in a big rush to grow up. Once I graduated from 8th grade I was more than ready to be a freshman in Highschool. Those four years in Highschool were the best days of my life, I loved it. Once I became a senior reality hit me. Within twelve months I would be entering into a whole new world, the College world. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would remind myself to stay focused. Entering into college I realized I had alot of freedom. Teachers were not chasing me down about papers, I didnt have a set bed time. I was pretty much in this cold world by myself. In College you have to look out for yourself because noone else will do it for you. I would tell myself to push for success because Failure is not an option. College is the next best step to further education. Do well, do your homwork. Stay focused.


If I could go back in time and advise myself about college life and the transitional process, I would tell myself to seriously think about what I want to do with my life. Parents and school counselors advise students about this all of the time, however, most young adults do not heed to their advise. I feel that if I would've contemplated more seriously what type of career I wanted to pursue, then I would be that much closer to achieving my goals presently. I would also advise a young person to focus on what they are most interested in doing instead of what others believe they should be doing. If the student does not have a passion for the field they are pursuing it will result in a waste of time and money! In focusing on the career choice that they are interested in, a student can take courses that will enhance their studies and get them that much closer to their occupation of choice.


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, i would say this: First, the most important thing is time management. A balance between social and academic life. Your studies should always come first and it will take great discipline with your new found freedom. Second, you will meet many new people of different race, ethnic, cultural backgrounds. Embrace and learn from those who are different from you. Third, you may have roommates, compromise is the key, as they may keep different study habits and hours . When all else fails, room by yourself. Fourth, you will have great memories , and maintain life long friendships. Last and most important, you have gained knowledge, and a degree which no one can take from thee. That is my advice to me.


The thing that I have gotten out of my first semester is that it is not high school anymore. College is something totally different from high school. In high school not showing up to class on numerous occassions was not a big deal, but in college not showing up to class can be a big affect on grade and lower down your GPA. Furthermore my college experience so far is that I have learn alot in the pass 4 months I have been here. There are some things I wish the school would do more concerning the social life, but the classes and the staff around the school are very helpful. They actually care about our education, unlike how individuals say the teachers do not care about you in college. So not true. Overall in my college experience so far I have learned a lot and made some mistakes, but I will learn later on as my college learning will continue.


I love going to hilbert college, it is fun and i have learned a lot in these three years. This is a people friendly college, the professors always are there if you need help.


I learned alot about the field im trying to enter


Assuming that I could go back in time and speak to myself as a senior in high school, I'd probably be dissapointed beacuse I never made it to senior year in high school. Yeah, I'm a drop-out and I regret it everyday now that I have grown up. Hypothetically, if I had made it, I would tell myself to enjoy the small things in life that are free and the things that are priceless. Take time to relax and don't spend so much time worrying about other people, worry about yourself. I would tell myself that bad things were coming my way but to hold on tight because I would be alright. To add to that, I would also tell myself to not be worried about the bad things that are coming, that it would only give me a headache and in the end it would make me a better person anyways. I would remind myself that I need to stay strong because I am a role model to many and people look up to you. Lastly, I would tell myself to not get caught in the moment, Life's too short.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the main thing I would tell myself is to not get senioritis as badly as I did. Don't get me wrong, I still did well. However, after being in college I understand the difference between an A, and an A-. Other than the minute grading system, I feel as though I did pretty well. If it weren't for the choices that I made in high school, I wouldn't be here enjoying college today.


I would tell myself to follow my dreams and not let anyone or anything stop me in the pursuit of my education. I would insist that I know my strenghts and abilities and utilize those abilities to empower myself in my educational efforts.


The advice I would give myself is to finish high school on a high note academically which really helps in the transition from High School to college. I also would would encourage the myself to develope study skills as well as organizational skills. i have learned they are invaluable in the success of college life. To be succesful in time management is to set yourself up for success in the classroom. Also, to own your education, back in high school your teachers stay on top of you for assignments and tests but in college you pretty much are on your own. SO you really must know when things are due and when your tests are scheduled from the sylabus that you are given the first day of classes. I also would advise myself to keep a balance on school and fun time. I have wathced a number of my friends struggle academically and be placed on probation because they fell so far behind in their studies that thier first term GPA is below a 2.0. So my adive is to stay ahead of course work and study and review daily so you don't find yourself cramming.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there are definitely a few things I would advise myself. I would start with leaving home-the biggest step. I would tell myself that if I never forgot one crucial point I would be fine-I can always go home. I think when seniors leave for college they get afraid to leave and forget that they can come home, they are not forced to leave forever. Visits can be made and I promise, it gets easier over time. I would also tell myself to open up, and to be original. Do not conform to your college friends but learn to live together and be friends while all still being separate individuals. As long as you stay true to yourself, you will be fine. Stand up for what you believe in, and take in new ideas at the same time. And finally I would say to enjoy the journey. Attend school events, play video games with your friends, go out dancing all night and make the best of college?it will be over before you know it.


The transition was not hard at all. In fact, in some ways college seems to be a lot easier. I always took 7 or 8 subjects in high school and in college, I only take five. In high school I was there 6 hours a day. In college, I am only there about 3 hours per day. I would, however, have taken high school more seriously. I guess college makes you realize that school isn't a joke. College has made me realize that I want to be smarter. I want to be one of those guys that has all the answers. In high school I thought it was cool to get away with stuff. I didn't realize I was only hurting myself. I also would have spent more time on trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. That is the hardest decision I face now. I thought I wanted to be a teacher, but I am not sure right now. It is hard making a decision that will affect the rest of your life. But I guess that is what college is all about, finding yourself.


I'd tell myself to keep up the work ethic because it will pay off in the end with good grades. I'd also inform myself to start applying for more awards so that I could help with the financial burden of going to school.


Work hard and carry that effort through with you, and never forget what got you here. Keep focused and learn to balance school with your social life, more importantly, keep school first and friends second. Determination and hard work will help you obtain what you want most in life. Make sure to keep up with reading the books handed out to you in class because once that behavior is broken, it's hard to reobtain that train of thought.


Some advice that I would give myself would be to take things more seriously and put grades and school work before friends and fun activities. I would also say to be myself and accept my friends for who they are and I will recieve the same respect as them. Enjoy school but also study hard and get good grades.


to stay focus on school work, look at more scholarships and really find out what i want in a college.


I would tell myself how to be a better roommate in the dorms. Honesty and being forthright are essential to maintaining a good relationship with your roommate. I would also warn myself about the rampaging gossip that spreads around campus. It spreads like wildfire and it is incredibly hard to stop or trace. I would tell myself to step out more, you don't have much of a college experience if you never leave your dorm room. I would also tell myself not to lose my values because of the peer pressure, it's definitely something a lot of people underestimate about college.


Finding the right college is pretty difficult. I personally started with college search engines like the Princeton Review, which start you out with information based on schools that best support your academic interests. I highly suggest visiting schools, as well. It's like online dating; first you look at the school's profile, get to know the school better through research, and then you meet to see if there is any chemistry. School visits are key in the latter part. Once you have chosen your college and gone through orientation, it is advisable to join something, anything, that will allow you to make friends and really enjoy your time on campus. Many people do go down the sports path. However, many campuses have clubs and organizations. Some of these clubs are even major-based, and will really help you not only in the classroom, but in networking. Other clubs are interest based. I highly suggest joining at least one of each in order to achieve a well-rounded college experience. Many schools also have on campus activies, as well as trips, in which a student aspiring for the college experience can participate.


First i would say trully look at the high school experience. If they went to a big school and didn't do great i would say look at a smaller college, they may need more one on one experience to live up to their full potential. If they went to a large school and did well they may be fine going to a large or a smaller school and vise versa with smaller high schools. Than look at the area that the colleges are in. If they will be out all night in the city obviously you would want to go there to party and not the school. I also encourage campus visiting if possible. Gives you a sence of the college you get to see first hand what it looks like. Get involved with at leat one or two activities every year. Dont be afraid to ask questions and get extra help you are not being a nerd if you do and no one will make fun of you for doing it. College is the steping stone from being a child to adulthood you will learn a lot about yourself enjoy this time next comes the real world.


I would give parents and students the following advice in finding the right college for them and making college the best experience possible: First of all, my advice would state that when looking for a college, look at the best place where your son or daughter, or whoever the prospective student is, can grow the most. Usually big schools such as Yale, Harvard, Cornell, UB, Buffalo State, and others, are relatively larger in size compared to smaller private colleges that may offer better opportunity for community involvement and growth as an individual. Going to college isn't just to get a good job in four years, it should be looking forward to growing and maturing as a person as well. This leads me to what can make the college experience the best one to have. The advice I will share with you, is get involved! Do as many activities as you can, and really learn how to manage your time! Play a sport, or join a club, or even take a alternative spring break trip. Do something others wouldn't to make yourself stand out, and put those things on your resume! Overall, look for the most growth and involvment!


First you need to deceide what you want out of your college experience. Your the only one whom knows what you are expecting, and you are the only one whom can make it happen. Your college exeperience is what you choose to make of it. Whether your active or not, is up to you. What you like to be involved in is also up to you. Make sure when looking for a college you are aware if staying on campus of your surroundings and if eveything you will need is close by. Grocery store, doctor, emergency room, gas station, bus route. Also, when looking for a college you need to know what your learning preference is, do you like large classrooms, with lots of students? Or small classes, where it is easy for personal attention from the professor if needed. To be good at what profession you have choosen you need to go to class, pay attention, do your work, and be the best that you can be. If you slack off, don't attend classes, turn assignments in late, then your grades will suffer, this isn't high school anymore, excuses don't fly. Good luck and God Bless!!!!


The most important advice I could give would be to research perspective colleges. Pay particular attention to enrollment status and procedure, graduate success rates, career placement, preparation for graduate school as well as programs or designated places for academic assistance. One of the most important criteria is the size of the campus and the individual learning style. It is important if a student requires more one to one learning to find a campus that is smaller in size. I found that open houses can provide a great insight into the how the campus functions and the type of individuals that are employed and enrolled. It also provides a insight to how large or small the campus is. Personal interviews and tours and highly encouraged as they provide greater insight into the desired program curriculum as well as the professors within the specific program. Communication is another key to success of the college. It is imperative for all departments to be in constant communication regarding your academic and financial status.


Find out not only what you want to become in college, but who you are as a person. Pick a college that you feel as though you can learn the most from both academically and mentally. Make sure that you don't take any moment at college for granted because it really is the best years of your life, and make sure that you study so you are making good use of your money.