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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Going back in time and talking to myself as a high school senior in 1987 would really be an eye opener for me as an 18 year old. I would tell myself that college isn't as hard as you think. Keri, you are incredibly smart with a voracious drive for success that nobody can stop. You will become a nurse. You can, will, and have overcome all of your fears of failure, shots, needles, and blood. First, you will raise your family of three wonderful children. Then, you will go on to become a registered nurse. Don't worry about any boy situations right now. When Mr. Right comes along, you will know it. Look forward to a bright future with him, your children, and at the age of 43 you will have the nursing career you have always wanted.


I was so worried about work when I was in high school, when i should have been worrying about my education. I would go to school everyday, then do sports, then go to work. I never made time for my school work, and had a fairly low GPA. Once it came time for graduation and seeing all of the top GPA people walk across stage first, and then me just in the back, i didn't like that. Now in college, I have a higher GPA then I did in High school, and i work full time, and i am fixing to be a dad. If my priorities had been set straight in high school, maybe i would be at a four year school instead of a community college. But i guess everything happens for a reason.


If i could go back in time and tell myself what college would be like, i would have made a lot of different decisions. I took classes at HillCollege before i graduated from high school, but only two which i regret not taking more. I wish that i had gotten my butt into gear and taken a few more classes out at Hill. I was more worried about my high school GPA staying high, when i really should have been worrying about getting my college finished with. I also wished that I had taken out more time to sign up for more scholarships to help pay for school. In June after I graduated high school, i found out I was pregnant. So after my first semester of college, i only have 19 hours completed, thats including the two classes i took before i graduated high school. So now Im going to have a kid and classes to worry about. Mistakes happen, and i should have EXPECTED THE UNEXPECTED. I would tell every high school senior, that instead of taking art and ag just to have enough credits, to go ahead and take college classes even if its just a few.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now, I would try to convey the importance of scholarships and applying early and for as many as I could find. It didn?t become apparent to me the real cost of attending college until just after I began to apply for schools. I would try my best more than anything to try and overcome my tendency to procrastinate until the very last minute, which is really the only reason I wasn?t able to attend the school that I wanted to most. It very sad to realize that something as trivial as money kept me from the quality of education I desired. I would also try to let younger self know how important it is to do work as it is assigned rather than waiting until it is due. This is another byproduct of my procrastination, and I learned this lesson the hard way. It was very hard to overcome the disservice done to me by my high school?s lenient policies regarding turning in late assignments and still receiving partial or even most of the credit, and this almost ruined me in college.


If I knew what I know now when I was a senior in high school


As a Burleson Elk senior, I was torn in a thousand directions between all my college options. I had the grades, I had much success in my extracurricular activities, and I could apply for a loan if one option was expensive but worthwhile. But mostly I had star-reaching potential. So why am I enrolled for my fourth semester at seemingly podunk Hill Community College, two years after high school graduation? I didn't know when I was a senior that the economy would be taking a downward spiral into rampant unemployment. Neither did I know that my dad would lose his job because of it. I didn't know that I would have to be working a fast food job to pay for my own education. If I could tell senior Kayla my best advice, it would be: Go to Hill College. That's where I can independently support my learning without delving too far into debt. And after this semester, I'm transferring to a university to be the English teacher I have always sought to be and to make the world at least a little bit better. This is one path I have no remorse for following.


I would tell myself many things if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior. I would hope that I could propose myself changes that would be exceptionally valuable. The transformation in my mistakes would change my decisions and schooling for the better. My first piece of advice would be to listen to the advice my friends and family gave me, especially my parents. I did not have enough faith in their choices for me and chose against their will in some circumstances. Second, would be to take my studies more seriously. I did not know the importance of staying up to date with my due dates and taking notes in class. If I took these two things more seriously my future would be much different. I believe it would have helped to know these things in the beginning. However, we all learn the hard way one way or another. I have chosen several incorrect things and been through rough times but now looking back I have learned from those wrong decisions.