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My school offers educational plans focuses on getting me the associates degree that I am working toward, while considering my plans for further education and careers. This consideration is helping me move forward with my education at this present time while keeping a strong focus on requirements of my future goals as well. Hillsborough Community College is also very interractive with the student body with frequent events including student participation in promotions and clubs. This makes me as a student feel like it is more than just going to school every day, it is actually fun!


hillsborough community college is unique because they offer different class courses with flexible hours for those of us who still must work full time. They have multiple campuses all close to where i live so if one campus doesnt offer a class more than likely the others do.


I am happy with HCC because the dale mabry campus has alot of student resources to help with assignments, and tutoring. We have many exciting activities around campus for students and Hcc also allows students to work on campus, so we are actually interacting with other students all day long. It allows us to see the workforce from different perspectives... There are many reasons to enjoy HCC but there is no way to explain it in less than 100 words.....


My school is unique to me compared to other schools for many reasons. One of which is that my dad also graduated from this school, so occasionally I have had the same teacher he had 10 years ago. It is a neat experience to be able to know I am getting the same education as him. I also enjoy the small classes and friendly atmosphere I haven?t seen at other schools. The school?s classrooms are comfortable and welcoming.


The school I ateend caters to students that have other prioities in life but also want to ezcel in life


I attended a large 4 year college in the past and found the classes large and impersonal. At HCC, I have the opportunity to speak with my professors face to face. They know my name and I am encouraged,on a daily basis, to actively engage in class with peers who are passionate about learning. Campus employees have always been helpful, from financial aid to the cafe station for lunch. My college offers a relaxing, personal, passionate place to learn; all top priorities as I continue my education towards my masters degree at an university.


HCC is such a unique school because it offers many possibilities to it students, beginning with it's education. There are great instructors that are there and are willing to help you. Class sizes are small so you are given more time as an individual to get help from your instructor. They are very helpful when it comes time for financial aid, they want you to get an education so they make sure they can get you any type of financial aid avaliable. There are other activities around campus for you to get involved in also.


Unlike other schools that i have considered HCC appears to put for much effort in helping the students plan according to their schedules. In addition the members of the administration demonstrate a genuine concern for the students. The professors also try to develope a solid relationship with their students, in order to aid their students in reaching their final goals.


I am able to attend Hillsborough Community College due to location, hours, and cost of tuition. Other schools I looked at did not allow the schedule flexibility and the cost to attend those schools would have made it impossible for me to attend.


My school is uniquie because my classes are geared towards what is currently happening in the working field. I am in paralegal studies and keeping up with the constantly changing technology is very helpful for when I graduate and go into the real world. The director gopes out of her way to update the course lad with new classes to help the students.