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What are the most popular student activities/groups?

I am involved with two major groups at Hillsborough Community College. The first group is the Honors Institute, which is an honors college within the school that provides a full academic curriculum for students who want an enhanced experience. This academic program is further enhanced by a social club which I believe may be unrivaled at any other community college in the nation. I have met other students who I consider to be my closest friends and who I will remain close to for years to come. I have shared more than just classroom seats with them, we have shared our lives throughout our sojourn at HCC. The Honors Institute also operates the second group I am involved in: a chapter of NSCS, a fantastic national honors organization, which takes the aforementioned honors experience and focuses it even more. Many activities that people would normally consider tedious such as community service and promotions become some of the most fun activities to engage in due to the high level of camaraderie felt within the group.

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SGA is the most active in all campuses. If we are comparing other organization that don't relate SGA, then we can point out NSCS. NSCS its always engage with the Honors Institute. I have been president for NSCS for a year, and now I am a historian and immediate past president. The athlete are not that popular in HCC. Although our volley ball team made it to state tournament, the reputation is nor enough to get school spirit. I met my closest friend by working together in Honors institute events. At 2:00am on Tuesday, I would be studying for classes. The traditional event that happens in HCC is the SGA welcome bash. We technically pay for everything that they pay us. But it is very cool that they pick out cool stuff for us. On a saturday night, you can have a movie night and have an intellectual discussion. you can also go out to concerts, drink a coffee with a couple of friends, or go to the movies.

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There are many student organizations at HCC, you just have to find the one(s) that fit you best.

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