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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

Undoubtedly like other community colleges in the United States, Hillsborough Community College is falsely perceived by many of its students and others in the community as a "last choice" for those who want to receive a higher education. Many universities coexist in the immediate vicinity with HCC, so many HCC students consider themselves to be "leftovers." These notions are false. While HCC may be the last choice on the lists of certain students when they consider which institution they would like to attend, choosing HCC to begin one's academic career is an excellent choice to make. Hillsborough Community College is home to more than five campuses and a wide array of services available to its students. HCC has affordable student housing, an immense virtual library, and a wide array of academic programs for students to choose from. HCC is home to one of the best Honors Colleges in the country, and harbors an international program that not only sends students abroad for their studies, but actively seeks out international students to receive their education from this institution. HCC educates students from more than 130 countries, giving all of its students a unique and high quality educational experience.

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The stereotype of my college its the thought of its lack of success because it is a "community" college. This stereotypes of community colleges are not accurate. Students at community college tend to be more focus in their studies compared to students from universities because we have no sororities, and most of them dont have football teams. Therefore, distraction of parties are not problem in community college. In a community college, everybody has drastic different goals and different paths of careers. There are people that want to transfer, and others that don't. At an universities, even though you have students with different majors, there are still things that unite people such as partying because of sorority or football games.

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yes the majority of students are fairly applied and study their subjects individually. Also ask for help from teachers if they have questions on any topic.

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