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The best thing about Hillsborough Community College is the unparalleled number of eager and superior-minded faculty members. I have personally become acquainted with a number of professors and developed personal relationships that will last for many years. All of the faculty members that I have come into contact with have a unique understanding of their students, and put forth their greatest efforts to help those students succeed in life. Small class sizes allow students to receive a personalized education for a more affordable experience than universities whose freshman and sophomore programs are likely inferior. Often, professors will distribute surveys to the students at the beginning of each semester so that they may cater their syllabus and assignments to the needs of each specific group of students. Over a two year period, I have been a full time student at HCC and have received over 60 credit hours. I found each one of the classes that I have taken to be exciting, fun, and interesting. Students are able to learn not just the basics of each discipline, but what they will be doing on the ground level on a day to day basis after they complete their education. At HCC, I was able to discover my purpose and decide what to do with the rest of my life.

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Hillsborough Community College has a variety of programs and offer courses that will help you start your educational journey, no matter where it takes you.

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