Hillsborough Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The class shedule is great! I can pick a different campus to go to on certain days depening on my schedule. the admissions office is a breeze, everything was under complete order, students very respectfull to the admin people


how the staff is friendly and helpful, they don't make you feel intimidated when you have to deal with them. the campus is not too big, classroom size is 30 students or less, so you have the chance to know your instructors and vis a versa, also you can still receive a quality education, without breaking the bank.


It is an awesome program to be in and the financial aid is really helpful and college isnt that expensive.


I tell my friends how great the Honors Program at my school is. I love the fact that there are only 15 students in my honors classes, and that all of my instructors have a PHD in the field they are teaching. Being in the honors program lets me get to know my peers more, and gives me alot more on on one time with my professors, which in my opinion gives me a chance at learning alot more.


The faculty and staff are very helpful. They make sure you have everything and all the help that you need for you to succeed. My school is very diverse and the environment is extremely friendly. It is a great place to start your carreer and meet new people .


Hillsborough Community College has been very helpful in preparing me for an ongoing career in health science. The academic advisors are always willing to speak with the students and help guide them through the classes. The classes are much smaller then a four year university and the professors truely care about the students education. If a student is having a hard time in the classroom, HCC provides other ways of learning a subject. They created a free tuitoring center for students who need extra help in the subject. HCC truely cares about its students, and wants them to succeed.


I always brag about how small the classes are in HCC when compared to a university. With smaller class sizes, you get way more one on one time with the professor. This in turn usually boost your grade.


When I talk to friends about HCC, I brag that I am able to go to school for two years and come out with little to no debt! HCC does not have the most advanced technology or the best reputation, but it really helps people that want to further their education without the heavy cost.


I mostly brag about my small class sizes and my amazing professors. My classes usually never exceed 25. Also, my professors accomodate the students by conforming to their learning styles. They are very strict but nice.


It's a tie between the teachers I like most and how big the school is.


I would have to say the biggest thing I like to brag about when I talk about HCC is the diversity of the students. In all of my classes there is a vast assortment of races, religion, ages, economic backgrounds, and personalities. I feel that diversity is important to a successful person in today?s world because that is the reality of our society. I feel that this diversely rich environment helps prepare the students for their futures beyond the classroom while broadening their horizons.