Hillsborough Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


HCC is a school for students that want to study hard and not procrastinate with thier work. A lazier, party student, who thinks college is a partywont enojy the HCC campus. The campus is always moving, never a dull moment, new and interesting people. A person there looking for a free ride or a party type atmosphere is lookingin the wrong place.


Someone who is not open to diversity and friendliness will not fit in to this school.


I do not feel there is a person that should not attend this school. I am new to the college experience I come from what some would consider a blimished back ground , however I am treated equally without judgement .I feel that the dynamic blend of culture adds to the college learning experience .The only exception to this is someone who just wants to skate right through college just to get there degree. This person I feel hurts the overall experience for everyone else ,simply becuase they just do not want to be there .


A person who shouldn’t attend this school is one that desires to do well but is easily influenced in a negative way. Unfortunately, though there is so much potential on this campus and amazing teachers as well, there are also numerous students who just take their education for granted. Even though I’m not a victim of this, I believe peer pressure can be an enormous hindrance to someone who just isn’t that strong minded. If a student desires to learn, but can easily get off track due to people then HCC wouldn’t be a wise choice.


I believe that anyone who think's they're too good to be in a "Community College" should just do whatever they want. Many people out there, including me, could not afford to go to a university and or screwed up our high school year and want to make a fresh start so we end up going to a community college. There's definitely nothing wrong with going to one. Also, going to a Community College saves us a ton of money.


The only kind of person that shouldn't attend a school like Hillsborough Community College is one that could easily get admission into a University or other 4-year college. Unfortunately, I currently fall under this category and would advise that others who have excellent grades and test scores should not bother enrolling into this college unless extreme situations occur that impede them from entering into another school.


I don't think anyone should be restricted from this type of school. The prices are amazing for classes that you can obtain elsewhere for almost four times the price, and the classes themselves are a dream for those who are hard working and ambitious to start a career.


A person who doesnt want to do any work and who doesnt want to succeed


People that should not attend my school are people that can do better than be in a community college and people whom really dont care abou education. There are some people that limit themselves on what they can do, and most of them dont realize this. These people should come to a community coleege if they are looking for bigger and better things. And the ones that don't care for education, should take up the room that people that want to make something of them selves want. If you dont want to learn that is on you buddy.


A person that does not care about setting goals in life or achieving success should not attend this school. This type of person will not be able to see himself where he wants to be if he is not willing to be determined about breaking out of a mediocre lifestyle. College is not about where you attend school, but about one's goals to continue furthering his progress to get to the place he wants to be in life and attain the success he searches for.


A person that needs a lot of hand holding.


My feeling is that a person who is not serious about furthering his or her education and who doesn't have a strong desire to improve their future quality of life have no business at this college. I strongly believe this to be true for any higher education institution.