Hillsborough Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Going to school right out of high school is very important. Taking time out to hang out with friends and travel arent as great as it seems. Getting a college degree and agreat job you love are first on the long list of things to do in life. Dont rush in to the first relationship you have with someone, test them all out , the same can be said with school. Do a couple of years at the community college then transfer what whatever four yearcoolege you want, be it in state orout of state.


My advice would be to make sure that you have applied to all scholarships that I could have, because I didn't realize then how much they would have helped me out in the long run. Also, I would tell myself to not give up no matter how hard any class or teacher is because you will always ake it through any situation as long as you put your mind to it.


If I could go back and talk to my highschool senior self I would tell myself to begin taking SAT prep classes during my freshman year. Join more clubs like the chess club, beta club, and hopefuly attain leadership roles. I would instead of taking all honors classes take as many Advanced Placement classes as possible. I would tell myself to not be afraid to join the varsity football team for the chance at a full tuition scholarship. I would also tell myself to strive for the highest grades possible and not take extra credit assignments for granted. Most importantly i would tell myself to begin on my "FAFSA" and submit my college applications as soon as colleges were accepting them.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice for college, I would tell myself to focus more. When I was in high school I was very unfocused. I was worried about my peers liking me and fitting in. If only I knew that once I got in college I would not have to worry about trying to fit in because in college your friends will come from different walks of life. You will have friends from different backgrounds that accept you for who ou are. They always said that you will find your true friends in college. Also, if I could give myself one more piece of advice, it will be to study more. In high school the work was easy compared to college work. All you needed was an hour to do your homework and that was it. On the other hand, college work you need at a minimum of six hours. It consist of very detailed homework assignments and readings. To add, if one of your classes dont provide homework, that means study. So if i could go back i would tell myself study hard, friends will find you.


“Seize every moment and enjoy what life has to offer”, take your scholastic career seriously and be mindful of your decisions. These are the top 3 things I would tell my younger self . When you’re young and in high school everything is a bliss. Most teens and myself alike are hard headed at this age ,we think that we are immune to stupidity . I remember my mom telling me on multiple occasions that “experience is the best teacher.” I never fully grasped that statement fully until adulthood. Like the time I drove my car without checking the water .Then I cracked my head gasket which took me forever to get fixed, this is a classic case of lesson learned. When people are giving you constructive advice it’s for a reason they don't want you to suffer like they did. In high school is where you figure out your likes and dislikes. Get a chance to make memories that last forever without costing you tons. That means taking advantage of of all extracurricular activities, when you do this the skills you obtain are priceless. Working hard in class means that you excel,the same applies to adulthood.


If I could go back, I would tell myself to practice writing a lot of essays! The more preparing you do in high school, the easier the transition will be. There is a lot more work to do in college that takes up most of a person's time. Also, I would tell myself not to worry so much or be scared about college. It's just another school, not an alternate universe. Many people will make college seem like such a scary place, but in reality, it's just the same thing we've been doing for 12 years, just more work. Make sure you study hard in college, but also relax and have some fun. There's no point in stressing yourself out!


If I could go back to myself as a high school senior I would say BREATHE. I would tell myself that things will play out how they are suppose to and that the stress I am putting on myself when I worry about my financial ability to go to school with figure itself out. I would encourage myself to look into programs to travel abroad before I begin college and working full time. I would tell myself that life only gets more hectic and right now is the easy part. I would tell myself to do more things that I loved because I will run out of time to manage to do so in the future. I would write more stories and continue learning sign language. I would tell myself to smile more and reduce stress. Lastly I would tell myself that things get busier but they also get easier to manage. I would kill to go back in time and tell myself these things.


Don't give up, believe in yourself because you are all you have. It's not going to be easy because if it were easy everybody would have done it already, choose whats best for you and never let anyone distract you from your goals in life!!!


I would tell myself not to skip on college. I waited a year before going to school and focused on working and moving out of my mom's house. That was a huge mistake. I've spent the past 9 years being everyone's assistant at work because I lack a degree. Get to school quickly and get it done as fast as you can even if you're undecisive about the degree you want. There is little I regret in life, but not going straight to college and finishing the first time is my biggest regret. Also, find scholarships. This is very important. Look for money everywhere you can and don't stop looking until you graduate!


Extracurricular activities, express interest in clubs, devote spare time to community service, these are just a plethora of ideas that (if given the opportunity) would change my future for the better academically. However, none of these accomplishments would amount to anything ,given, if a student didn't devote a sufficient amount of time to everyday studying. In my past, I failed to devote adequate time to studying and as a result I'm now faced with taking pre- requisite courses that do not challenge me intellectually and with time being wasted from taking courses that will benefit me on my road to becoming a doctor of internal medicine. A student can go above and beyond in the service of his/her's academics, however, that student must not forget to not go beyond their own GPA. High school seniors usually have a laid- back type of attitude toward the world and their studies, so often we forget to do the simple things in life, such as study, and as high school seniors this was usually the last thing to occur on our mind and unfortunately, unknowing, we were hurting ourselves.


The most important part of this is , I would return to tell myself to finish high school .I quit highschool beginning of the 10th grade to join working america due to poverty .I left school behind to chase what I was lead to belive at the time which was money . This fall in the category of one of the greatest mistakes I have made to date . Being a foolish minded young boy at the time I had no clue at the future ramifications of that single decision .Now that I have decided to take back my educational future an attend college ,I would have to tell myself work hardand dont give up.I had the wrong idea of what giving up was when I was younger now I understand a completly different meaning of what it takes to give everything . By just simply doing small minor adjustments to what I used to think was a big deal ,could have changed my whole future outcome . I am a father now so I cant allow my self to live in regret , but if I had the chance JUST TRY HARDER would have been the message I would have used .


Knowing how important college is, I would like to tell myself to really research where i want to go and what i really what to do. Set clear goals for myself so that I can reach my goal instead of just going through the motions. College is not cheap and should be taken seriously, so to my high school self, know what you want to do, research schools you have in mind, and set clear goals for yourself.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be for me to take Dual enrolment or a couple of AP courses while I was in high school. The reason I say this is because, I would have loved to have entered college with the advantage of already knowing what thier lectures looked like as well as how much of my time I had to set apart for studying as well as the research papers that I would have to complete. This is why i would advice myself as a h


That an education is important, you must apply yourself and it is not as intimidating as some may make it appear. Having a college education gives you more options, it opens doors to a wide variety of employment arena's, it allows you to be able to communicate more effectively. Your mental concept is more open, to the positive things, concerning, others, their culturals and a more positive outlook on life. It allows me to help educate my future children and motivate them to continue their education and let them see the importance of a college education from a monetary standpoint. They as well as myself, will be able to live the life that we want and be self sufficient.


"Skip a year and work a full time job. You are not ready for the responsibilities of having an apartment, living on your own, or being responsible for your own coursework. None of that is anything to be ashamed of, however making mistakes that you are easily able to see yourself in the process of committing is. Working 40-hour weeks will allow you to gain perspective about how important undergrad work is (especially for you because we already have 60 college credits) and how little work it is in comparison. I give you this very simple, straightforward piece of advice with full knowledge you won't listen."


The advice I would give to myself as a high school senior would be to think about and weigh the pro's and con's of the options of either starting at community college then transferring to a 4-year university or going straight to the university. I would tell myself not to be afraid of being in an unfamiliar environment when possibly starting off at the university, because all freshman start in the same place either way. I would also tell my high school self to stop being lazy and get to work on applying for scholarships. But most importantly, I would tell myself to be confident in whatever path I choose, because it is MY choice and should not be influenced by any desires other than the goal of achieving my future career path.


Dear past Luke in a couple months you will be a college student and i know its kinda bittersweet leaving high school but you need to understand that this is a new chapter in your life and with new chapters comes the opportunity to renievent yourself and be the absoulute best version of yourself you can be. And truth be told your problem that you still face today as im writing this letter to you is you make life more complex than it outta be, you make self improvement more complex than it outta be. So heres what your going to do your gonna start being the hero of your own story. Pretend theres a camera following you around 24/7 that is recording you so one day when your kids and grandkids see it they will say "wow dad/grandpa was something else he got things done and lived his life to the fullest every day". Because objectively in your head like everyone else you already know what you need to do and how you need to do it you just need to start doing it. SO STOP OVERTHINKING IT AND BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would probably recommend AP classes for high school credit because that would have put at least 10,000 dollars in my pocket. There are also dual-enrollment programs now that expedite and facilitate earning a college education much sooner and for less money. Although I cannot go back in time to do this, I will still be able to relay this information to my younger siblings for their benefit. :)


Take the opportunity to go to college. It is easier to continue your education now than to wait until you are older. College can make a big difference in your life. It will give you opportunities to make friendships that can continue throughout life and experiences that will help you in the future. Think about what kind of career you want. College can make the difference between doing what you would enjoy or just getting by.


The college experience I gained in college was meeting new people and the teachers really care about you, that you should learn the new material that they discuss in class. I has been valuable for me to attend because i am a first generation family to go to college, and I am happy to go past graduating high school and continuing my education.


There is so much I have gotten out of this school and though I had my hard times, I can honestly say it has taught me a great amount of things and it was indeed worth it. HCC has taught me to see things from not my own eyes but through the eyes of others, and if I’m willing, I can learn from my peers. It has also taught me how to be patient, wise, and determined. Things will not always go my way and when that does happen I can either do one of a few things; complain, blame others and then give up or stop and think, allow it to be a lesson for me, and mature from it. The greatest thing that I learned from HCC is how to be a true leader. I can abuse the role of a leader by leading people astray, or I can honor that leadership role and be an influence to others. Now as I go on with my journey in life, wherever I go, I can always look back on these precious things I’ve learn and teach them to another as I continue to apply them to myself.


I have learned so many things in college that are unlearnable in high school. Before college, I never really had to study because it was so easy. Now, considering i am the person paying for it, I am much more involved with how i spend my "school time". I believe that more students should have to make the best out of their habits before going to school so they actually learn more. It really would help out everyone.


So far out of my college career i have learned that the transaction is really up to you. You, yourself, really has to be the one that wants to go, no one can force you now. Once you are honest with yourself and see that college is a help to you the desire to learn is that much more intense. I believe the best way to start college is with classes you have a true interest in, nothing to hard yet nothing that will put you to sleep. if you like your classes and teachers the whole transition is that much more easier, but that is not a promise. Most teachers will use a syllabus; it tells you when and what is due this wil prepare you for what is to come. use this to your advantage, it saves you time and let's you get ahead while staying prepared. College alone says so many things about a person. In most cases you will sometimes end up with a better paying job. What ever you reason for going to college is just know that you have to be in it for your self, otherwise your just wasting time and money.


My College experience has been nothing but life changing. Several years ago I was injured at work and as a result, I suffered from depression, I was homeless, and I felt like the world was fall on top of me. A chance meeting with an Angel of a Doctor convinced me to go to college. I am without a doubt very grateful for her encouragement, and I owe my success to her, my family, and friends that prayed and supported me through very hard times. I still continue to live with some health challenges but college has allowed me to hope and offer others encourage, counsel, my time with a very willing heart to anyone who needs the kind of encouragement I needed. College has been the place where I have found the will to live and change other people who may have stumbbled on hard times like I did. Through God's grace, lots of help, prayers, and a lot of support, I have managed to maintain excellent grades for which I am proud. College has given me self worth and I am certain if many more people tried it, they would be happy they did.


It let me see the world in a whole new chapter. I realize now that i shouldn't take things for granted because that one precious thing could be gone anyday and there will be no way for me to redo it. Also, college is a huge challenge for me because i really didn't take highschool too serious and i really regreted it. College has taught me many new things and i really enjoy going, because its relaxing and its really laid back, not like a repeat of everyday like highschool.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would most definitely tell myself to attend Hillsborough Community College Honors Program. Going to HCC Honors has given me the opportunity to have a smoother transition from high school life to college life. The small classes have allowed me to get to know my peers and professors more. I would also tell myself not to slack off in my first semester so that I can ensure I recieve the best education possible.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell my self not to take the small things for granted. When you get to college, your life will be overwhelmed with homework, but mainly work. Dont quit your job until you find a new one, because you will have to pay a lot to stay where you are. When you are busy working for 30 hours a week and going to school with 15 credits, you dont notice how nice the weather is, or how much time you used to spend with your friends but cant anymore. The time you have now is going to be the easiest time in your life. Dont take anything for granted. Oh, and thank your parents, they do a whole lot more than you give them credit for.


As a high school senior i was into extracurricular activities, hanging out, and dressing to impress everyday of school. Although i may have been informed that life was not a fashion show, i always reassured myself it were. If i was able to go back in time to my senior year at Wharton High School, i would inform myself that life is not about looking pretty, the latest fad, or the hot new guy who just moved in from another town. Instead, i would advise myself that studying is the key to success. I would reassure myself why I was in school to begin with, which is to learn. In time, i became so used to cramming everything that i learned that it had became a habit. I would advise myself to actually learn the material that i had studied, because more than likely I would see it again. Instead of having to re-learn everything i knew, it would be more like a review of prior studies. Last, but certainly not least I would inform myself that their will always be obstacles in life but when life gives you lemons make lemonade.


I would tell myself that I need to sit down and decide which career I would really enjoy for the rest of my life. I would also tell myself to not be influenced on my parents opinions to my career choice. Life is all about being happy, so choose something that will satisfy you.


Take every opportinuties that comes your way, keep your grades up, involve in everything that you could, community service, help others, do the best you can because over achievement can be good sometimes.


What do you really want out of life? Do you want a good career? Would you like to live comfortably? Well, first off you really need to take school seriously. I know you like to have fun and that's ok but there must be some balance. Since you did well in high school, you should try to get into a good college. I'm alittle older and I can tell you that it is better to finsh your education early while you are young then to waste the next couple of years working dead end jobs. The workforce is extremely competative and if you have an education, employeers will look at you before anyone else. There are much more opportunities for an educated person then for someone who has not finished school. I have no regrets about not finishing school early, but If I could go back I would definetly take it seriously and finish at the top of my class. It might take a while to figure out what you want out of life, but it's better to have an education under your belt when that time comes.


First of all, I would tell myself that I am a lot better off by focusing in my classes, and get the Bright Futures Scholarship. It would have come in handy when transfering to a University. I would tell myself that college is a bigger step in responsibility than i had imagined, but the academic part only slightly changed. I would say to make friends faster because it really is not that hard in this school. In my first semester, it would have been a life saver to know people in your classes. To finish the conversation, I would say to just have fun but put my studies before anything else and I should be fine.


If i could go back to high school and tell myself everything i know now i would tell myself to not worry about what all my friends or the "cool" girls are doin and to always finish the work to my full potiential because that is what is going to truly make you feel successful and good about yourself, not who knows you or who you hung out with last weekend! I would beg myself to try my best and not settle for anything less than what i know i can do. I would explain that taking time off after high school before i go to college is not a good idea because going back becomes so much more stressful and scary the longer u wait, also you forget alot of the knowledge you attained in school when you do not use it everyday and its hard to get that back. Most importantly you are setting yourself up for a amazing career that is going to help you have the most fulfilled life possible.


As a high school senior, I remember being so excited to graduate and move on to college.... But, things didn't work out that way. I found out I was pregnant just 4 months before I graduated... I missed my prom and I realized that I wouldn't be able to go straight to college. After I graduated, It took me 2 years to get back in school. I am now in my fourth semester and I am doing great. If I could go back in time though I would tell myself to get my mind off of boys and Into more books ! My advice to High School seniors... Especially the girls out there...Get a college education before you worry about anything else! Once you have your degree you will find a great job and then try to find a great life partner and have children, Until then you need to realize that after you step out into the real world, you dont get help from family as much, you need to be able to take care of yourself.. The best way to do that is to get a college education and put it to work for you!!!


I would tell myself to take a little more time studing on the SAT so that i could skip the prep classes and maybe even have a better GPA. Theres not anything else because i prepared myself for college very well.


Don't stop now. Keep filling out scholarships everyday. Study your hardest, these grades really count. Prepare all your papers and start saving up money now, because it is not easy to get into college and it is not cheap either.


I would have told myself to be calm and not stress out in the process of picking a college to go to. I would have also told myself that going to a community college is a good way to start the transition into college since it is so much smaller and less intimidating than a larger university. I would make sure that the first credits I would enroll in would be all just transitional credits and not electives since I tended to change my major so much, so that I would not have taken any wasted credits. I also would have encouraged myself to research my professor's teaching style before I enrolled in the class so that I would never have to drop or add any classes. Of course the most important tip about entering into college is your time management skills. There has to be time for studying/school work in between all the times of hanging out with your friends.


During high school, I thought that having the best clothes and having tons of friends was the only way to have fun in high school. I spent my high school years doing just that. I had a very large group of friends and I knew I was going to go to the state university. During junior year, I became pregnant and my son was born in September of my senior year. I spent a lot of time worrying about how I would go to college and raise a son. I thought that I wouldn't have any friends since the friends I had in high school dropped me once my son was born. After my first semester, I realized that my life was perfect. I would go back to my senior self and tell myself to relax! I would make friends just fine, and community college would be a great place to start out. I would also tell myself that material things do not matter. The only things that are important are those relationships that get you through hard times. I would also tell my senior self to pay more attention in math - I could have used the extra help!


If I could go back in time and talk to my self who was a high school senior. I would probably tell my self to research and apply for scholorships a lot sooner than later. I would also tell myself to make sure I keep up on grades and study for the SAT better then I did before, making sure to get a high score on the test. I would also let myself know to be prepared for the transition by making sure all paperwork and any items that is needed are ready to be copied/shown or givin to the prospective people.


If I could go back in time to my Senior year, I would tell myself and friends to apply for college now and no matter what life brings your way to finish your college degree first. Everything else in life at that age can be put on hold for 2-4 years. I am now 37 years old and two years ago I had to restart my life on my own without any warning. I have been an LPN for almost 15 years and I love my work, but I wish I would of continued with school back then for RN. I have been working full time and going to school at night on my own with bills, house payments and paying for school without assistance. I am know getting ready for th eRN program which will demand more of my time from my job which means less hours, less money, but I will prevail and finish my dream. So my words if I was a senior now, I would finish college then start my life with a stable job and financial income and build my future at a younger age. I will finish and I will succeed.


I would tell myself that I need to hang in there. College is just around the corner. Make this year count and do not slack off. You do not want to close the door on any oppertunities. Working hard now will literally pay off. Take the ACT as many times as you possibly can and aim for the best score. Apply for every scholarship there is. Learn as much as you can because everything is meant to prepare you for college. Lastly, enjoy the time you have left with your friends and create memories that will last a lifetime. Take lots of pictures. Think about who you want to keep in touch with and make a pact.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself during my high school senior year i would give myself some very sound advice. The most important advice i would give myself would be not to just transcend through my senior year, but to rather push myself an stride to achieve to my utter most capabilities. I now realize that if i would've pushed myself harder i would have prepared myself for what lied ahead of me in my near and distant future. I now realize that the easy way is not always the best way in the long run. I would have told myself to not drop out of any of my classes when i get in college. And to prepair myself better for the college placement test. I would have better my time by getting all my paper done in the best time and not wait to the last minute to turn in all my paper work. But know i have learn not to play around and do everything three months before its due to get the classes i want and the best teachers.


I believe that everything happens for a reason. I would not go back to change time. I have no regrets and I believe that people need to learn from their mistakes instead of just regretting them. If I had to tell myself as a high school senior what I need to do when college life happens, I would let myself know to study, not procrastinate, and to not give up. I would also tell myself to apply for college much earlier in the beginning of my senior year so I could have a better chance of getting in. Since I did not do these things, I am okay with that. I am satisfied with my college based decisions and I would not change it even if I could.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would socialize more. As an adolescent, I refused to make contact with anyone. I'm self-deprecating and anti-social. I wish I had made friends. Because of my lack of social contact, I have few knowledge of reality. College life is no different for me compared to highschool. I'm cognizant of norms, but I choose to be independent and non-reliant on others. I do wish I had the experience of having a group of friends. Although, education is essential, having friends is pretty significant as well. Working with a group of people can help you extend your knowledge.


I would give myself the advice to stay motivated and to remind myself of what my goal in life is. I would also recommend starting off classes in the afternoon, because I remember my first semester waking up at 6 am to go to school. That was a tough one to stay motivated that early. I also would explain to myself how college classes work, and that I need to keep up with the textbook as the class is going. I also would remind myself to save money and realize that I don?t need the newest book in class to be able to pass.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senor, I would give myself a couple of advices. I would tell myself to stay focus in school. Eventhough I am a senior in high school, I have to keep the good grades up because I have to graduate grade school with solid GPA and grades. I would also tell myself to study. If I were to study when I was a high school senior I would have better grades than what I had when i did not study at all. I would tell myself that studying pays off at the end. Another advice I would give myself would be to get more involved in school activities and clubs. I would tell myself that because they are a way to meet new people. I would tell myself to take advantage of the time I have in high school because after high school I won't have time to be in clubs because of other responsibilities I have to take care of.


i would tell myself many thing about college life. first of all i would tell myself to save my money that really caused most of my problems with the transition. Another thing i would tell myself is to enroll in more honor classes.the last thing i would tell myself is to focus more on my school work.


I would say to myself that I have a better chance of helping my family economically. That education is the biggest inheritance one could receive in life. I would also say that educations opens many doors and windows of opportunities. I would encourage myself more in school use my time more wisely and get good grades. I would say to myself not stay wondering but go out and try to reach my goals. I wouldn't be satisfied with my answer of what if I can't do it. For now that I went back to realize that even teacher keep learning and widing their horizons. Why should I be any different? That the only person who can hold me back is myself.


Hey senior, wake up time is ticking. i know that you are enjoying your senior year but its time to get on the ball about collge. im not gonna scare you, college isnt hard but if you dont put your prioites in order it will be very dificult to do well in college. Un like high school college inst free so you need to make sure you have schalorship , grants, and loans to pay for it. Teachers in college are a complete 180 from high school teachers, simply put, THEY DONT CARE. When your in college teachers look at you as an adult, you have to make sure you have a mature attitude. Im not saying dont enjoy your last year in school but realize that your future in a step infront of you.


High school does NOT prepare you for college. Your wiles and charms will not work, there will be no more smiley faces on your papers, and when you get an essay back be prepared to actually receive relative feedback. High school is almost like a day care for older kids, but when you get into college you're on your own to force yourself to learn what is put in front of you. You don't have to read that chapter that you were assigned, but if you don't you're only hurting yourself. If you make sure to get yourself together, sit down and do the work- you could potentially learn more in one semester than you did in your entire high school career. It's enriching, and enlightening as long as you're willing to work for it. And yes, it's totally worth it.