Hillsborough Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


About the different types of classes to take in order to finish your degree quicker.


One thing I wish I knew before I started college is that it is much different than high school. The lessons are much more challanging and the teachers are not going to remind you of when an assignment is due.


I wish that I had made myself more familiar with the courses offered. There are many options to get credit towards your degree and I moved too quickly to select a course without considering all of the options. Spend more time with your advisors and ask a lot of questions. It is free to spend time with them and learn about the courses available.


i wish i would have known that i could have taken Dual enrollment in hogh school to get an early headstart in college.


How easy it was to manuever around and how easy they (the staff, teachers) make it for you to get a quality education, also how they care about you getting your eduation.


Stafford unsubsidized loans arent good.


I wish I would have known how awful the parking is.


I wish I had paid attention to how far I would be traveling every day to get to the school. I am just over 20 miles away, and I have to travel to the school 4 days a week, but I cannot complain. It's a good school.


I wish i would have known about Ratemyprofessors.com. If i would have known about it before, I could have avoided a VERY tough and boring professor. I also wish i would have known how much financial aid there is that is available to me. In my first two semesters I have spent a huge amount of money on books and left over fees that my current scholarship did not pay for. Another major thing i wish i would have known is the parking situation. It is pretty hard to find a spot between 9:30 am and 11.


I would think college would be harder, but community college is similar to my senior year. Everything is easier than expected. I wish I've known about the type of classes they had, there isn't an abundance of options so it is harder to choose which classes I would like to take. In addition, I always liked to challenge myself, but with the lack of classes, it is harder to make committment.


I wish I would have known that some classes that are required for me to transfer to a university aren?t offered here. I will have to take summer classes at the university in order to apply for the degree program I am going into.


I wish I had a major decided before i headed into college. It would have gave a an advantage and taking classes for my major and not other classes that I really did not have to take during my college career.


That I should have got started sooner so that I could have got a head start on everything, like registering for classes and applying for financal aid.


After being exposed to college life experience I wish would have known additional information before furthering my education. One helpful piece of information would to use the handy resources and assistance provided by the school! Take great advantage of the opportunities given to you and use it to the fullest! If you are willing to take the step and ask for guidance, there will be a guarantee that others are prepared to support you. This guidance includes tutors, study groups or even professionals in the fields that you are majoring in! Many students learn the best from hands on experience.


I wish that when I was in high school,one or two classes geared towards different college majors were offered so I could have tested the waters in what subject matter I enjoy/excelled in the best.Unfortunately there wasnt so I spent two semesters taking classes for a couple different majors that I thought I would like and ended up changing when I realized those majors werent for me. If classes were offered in high school this would help kids sort through the so many different options we have without holding up college graduation or wasting money.


That is important to be independent and to do things for yourself. There was a time were you had parents helping you when you were in high school and work was easy compared to college work. I think I understood that through time and I appreciate it.


I wish I would have known my major from the time I started college in year 2005 because then I would already be done with school. I have changed my major several times so that has held me back.


i wish i would of have more knowdlege in the math subject. Math can be really hard in college if is not taugh well in high schools. I believe that high school teachers take it to easy, and once a student graduates from high school, the transistion from high school to college can be very hard for some.