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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Take general classes while you go out in the world and figure out what you really want to do for a living. Do not waste your time like I have.


I would explain to myself some of the experiences I have been through and point out that life is not a race. Though the years seem to go by extremely quickly, it is immensly important to take your time and live life "in the moment". Times come and go. Before you know what is going on, it is over. If you don't take the time to enjoy your time, then you only miss out on the great things and opportunities of the here-and-now. Tomorrow is not promised. Though you shouldn't forego planning, you cannot possibly plan for everything. Take the ups and downs as they come and learn to go with that ebb and flow. Another quick word I would pass along to myself would be to learn to be social and to open up to people. You need relationships with person(s) you can trust to help you through the low parts of life and to share the high moments with. Without those relationships, life become much more difficult. Trying to go at it alone is a fool's errand.


Prepare! Have goals! Many high school students are unprepared to be on their own. Before college, parents assume the dominant role in organization, preparation, and focus. Students go from this "sheltered" existence, to a somewhat overwhelming independence. Freedom from "shelter" can be dangerous if not planned for. Colleges expect an adult to arrive on campus,prepared for the flood of responsibilities, activities and enticements. Some students transitioning from this sheltered environment to college might greatly benefit from a transitional "class" offered in high school. Great time is spent on academic preparation and college entrance testing, but none is spent on preparation for "college life." The first semester of college should be scaled back to the basics to allow for this transition. Minimizing other activities for first semester freshmen such as Greek Life should not be optional until second semester so that good study habits and class attendance can be the primary focus. Once given the opportunity to be established and prepared...college life can be great and successful!


I wish going back to my high school senior self was an option. If I could go back, I would preach to myself to take math serious and learn everything that there is to know instead of taking the easy way out. If I would have taken math more serious I would not be in the situation that I am with struggling to understand everything. I would tell myself to keep up the good grades and not give up half way through my senior year because it will all work out in the end. I would tell myself not to rush it all. I could not wait to get out of the house but I would tell myself that it is harder than it appears. And finally I would tell myself that I needed to keep doing scholarships and trying to get as many as I could because paying for school is not what I really wanted.


Well considering I dropped out my senior year I would tell myself that you can do it!! Dont drop out.. Finish school and go to college as you plan! People are there to help you and want you to succeed in all you do!!


The advice I would give myself is to work hard and do your best at everything you do. College is not so bad but it is definately different from high school, so be prepared for what the college life is going to bring.


Go in strong, hard, and focused. Try really hard at everything, not leaving room for slack. Study at least 30 minutes a day for each class and read over notes before the next class. Really get to know the instructor and develope a great relationship with them.


Well for one thing I would say don't ever take online classes. It's better to be on campus in class so that you can get a better understanding of the work you have to do. You actually have to study alot for your class. It's not as easy to remember stuff like you did in high school.


I would definitly tell myself to take all of my classes seriously. I would also tell myself to learn how to study correctly, and not just memorize things in books. There is a difference in learning something and just repeating information on a test.


I would tell myself to do research about the school I'm interested in and make sure they have resources and tools I could use to make my transition to college easier. I would also tell myself not to let any distractions get in the way. Knowing what I know now about college life, I would tell myself "you are a highschool senior, you should take goingto college serious and really think about what you want to do with the rest of your life." There are so many pressures out there that discourages a person from accomplishing their dreams. Stay focused, determined, and always give your very best. The last thing I would tell myself is" life is not going to be easy and no one said college would be either, but always remember anything worth having will always be a struggle to get. In the end it makes you a better person, and it makes you stronger in all aspects of your life."


If I had the chance to go back in time and advise myself on what steps to take next, I think I would definitely advise myself to take advantage of all of the scholarship oportunities available. Once the process of beginning college is started, it becomes most important that everything from academics to financial aid is taken care of and used in the best way necessary. Also aside from the financial aid aspect, I would encourage myself to be more driven and hard working. Since I've been in college, I've learned these important characteristics the hard way but now that I have them, they will never be taken away because I understand now that this is my future life that I'm working towards and if I don't take advantage of the opportunities at hand then I can't blame anyone but myself.


If i were to give my high school self advice on college it would be to not get distracted. Many things that are thought to be distractions in high school are magnified in college and the quantity is doubled.


If I could go back in time and give my high school senior self advice dealing with my college career, I would tell myself to take a step back and choose a major that will make you happy for the rest of your life. Deciding a major based on annual income is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Money can not buy happiness. I would also tell myself that getting involved with extracurricular activities is one of the best choices you can make. Being involved with a sport or club gets you motivated and pushes you to want to succeed in all curricular fields. College by no means is a breeze so you must work hard, stay determined, make friends(because chances are that they'll last a lifetime), and laugh as much as possible. These are the years that you will never forget so don't take them for granted.


If I could go back in time to take to myself as a high school student. I would tell myself to buckle down harded. To fouse more in class and to take things more serious.


Don't screw around. Take the education process seriously.


Be excited about your future. You have a lot going for you, so make the most of what God brings your way. Any school you go to, you can have a great experience if you have the right attitude. Be thankful that you are able to get an education. Make sure to study hard and make time for homework. Do not let others around you that make bad choices influence you. You are in College to pursue an education and earn a degree, not to just have fun. Do your best and earn the highest grades you can, but at the same time weigh your time. Studying is not the most important thing in life during college. You have to balance your other priorities too. Be responsible and listen to your teachers and parents. Still make time for you family and friends. Work hard and enjoy college!


If I had that ability I would prepare myself for many changes that would be occuring. I would tell myself that studying is just as important as attending class and that making lifelong friendships and memories is also an important part of college. I definitely wouldn't change my mind about the college I am attending. I love Hinds Community College, and the faculty and staff I get to work with and see everyday. I probably would tell myself not to stress over the little things that really don't matter. God will always get me through everything. I know I would tell myself to be on the computer EVERYDAY on this website trying to get more scholarships! My mom always told me I should've done that, but I didn't listen. College is everything I would ever have hoped it would be. Maybe if I could go back in time, it would be even greater!


I would apply early in my high school career for the college "dual enrollment" program. I would take as many classes as possible as a college student while in high school. I would also take as a greater number of science and math courses. Friends, cars, after school jobs are only temporary. Knowledge is forever. Learn everything that you can to better your like. Spend free time serving others through volunteer work. Keep your spiritual life strong by attending church and church activities regularly, praying, and serving others. Finally, do not try to take short cuts. Do not take teachers simply because it is rumored that they may be earsier. The focus is to succeed through knowledge and hard work. The goeal should not just be to get a grade.


Always be open to exploring new things. There is so much out there to try to stay focused on just one thing. Never deny yourself of having a little fun, because if you are all about your work all the time then you will easily get burned out. Keep your eye on the prize (your bright future), because if you don't you will easily lose sight of what the prize really is. Whatever your career decision is, let it be your decision and not anybody else's. If you base your future on the dreams that others have for you, you will never truly be happy. Your job is where you will spend most of your time and if you are not happy, then other parts of your life will fall apart.


Knowing what I know now about college, I would tell myself to stay focused and do not steer away from the main reason why you are here. There a lot of people out there willing to distract you from your goals. Also, make sure that you go to class every day and do your homework because not all instructors are willing to allow you to make up work that you have missed or work that you forgot. Do your best in all classes so you will be able to receive the best grades possible because end the end, every point counts when it comes down to your GPA. Be on time for all of your classes as well and be prepared with all class materials.