Hiram College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Students are able to get involved on campus and they are able to form good relationships with their professors. Our small class size and the intelligent levels of our professors allows students to learn a lot from them adn to get to know them on a personal level.


Hiram is a very noteable liberal arts college with a small campus and intimant setting for learning.


The broad range of ethnicities and global reach brought in to the school to increase the cultural aspect and experience for students. Hiram is a great school for cultural understanding and diverse learning experience, including study abroad opportunities, multiple professor ethnicities, and a wide range of international students. For being a small school in a small town, it brings big culture.


My school is best know for its intmate learning and campus setting.


Biomedical Humanities Program, small class size, intimate learning environment, respected professors, high level of job placement after graduation, easy access to professors outside of class


Our school is best known for the Duckhouse at the Field Station.


Academics, in general.