Hiram College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


All the walking. I guess thats good and bad, but its really bad when its freezing outside.


The worst thing about Hiram is that there is a huge hill that you have to walk down to get to the dining hall. It is a giant pain in the butt and everyone hates it. Also, sometimes the food is not very good.


The worst thing is how expensive the school is.


If I had to pick one I guess it would be the financial situation. They tend to give you a one day notice when you have a payment due and claim that they are going to kick you out if the money is not turned in. The food situation is also rediculous as there is only one plan with terrible food and everyone is required to purchase it. There are virtually no options for vegetarians and even those who eat meat complain about the availability of good food.


food services


The school is not raciallt diverse.


Food. It's easy to stay healthy here because you won't overeat! The healthy choices are yummy.


Students definitely have a say on what goes on at school and on campus, but some things are very hard to change in this school.For example, in some ways this community is inching on tiptoes towards being more environmentally-minded, but it has taken a lot of tugging to get where we are. Professors and students have both been pulling, but it has been hard to get through to the top powers. It can be very frustrating.


Kinda boring. Nowhere to really go or people don't have money to go do anything.