Hiram College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I didn't really ask or drive around the school area. The closest walmart/shopping is about 15 minutes which still isnt bad. So i really cant complain.


Not everything that they say to you in the beginning is really how things are done.


I wish I had known to apply to more scholarships, and besides that point I feel I was very well prepared.


I wish I had a better idea of the dining situation. There is one dining hall with restricted hours that don't go past midnight, and the late night snack offered is only one option. For late study nights or times that you are occupied during a meal time, the only option typically comes down to leaving campus for some fast food, which is luckily only five minutes away, but even this can be a hassel for people without a car. Also, the parking situation. Finding a parking spot is hard to come by.


Career Placement isn't all that great and scholarships look better because tuition is higher.


i don't know


Mobility is really limited without a car. Friends are alwyas good for rides, but it about 20 minutes to get to the closest town.


The only thing I wish I knew before going to Hiram College is that some professors use a syllabus and solely rely on you know what is on the syllabus and prepare yourself for each class without the professor telling you what homework you have. I wasn't prepared for that from the transition of high school to college.