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There are very few large classes. I never took a class with more that 40 students, and most of my classes had 5-18 students. Because of the small size, everone recognizes every other student on campus by sight, if not by name. I have been approached by fellow students and alumni/ae in many different places, even in other states!


It's located on a lake and has a great physical environment. The school is very school spirited with very strong sports teams.


Beautiful yet small campus. very enganging staff and facutly that are willing to help in many ways. Very small city, Large Town Atmosphere. Very diverse Town Extremly different to demographic of students. Liberal Arts School so there is much opportunnity to mold and specify your education. Opportunity to create your own major.


For a small liberal arts college its very athletic and competitive. We're D1 lacrosse, and very competitive in the D3 leagues we participate in. It's also a school that's more commonly heard in upper-class (boarding school oriented) families.


Beautiful campus, engaging teaching, great environment


The small campus, more attention on me, I love it. I dont have to wait weeks to see a professor but that can also be a bad thing if you want to avoid them,




This was the only small school I ended up applying to and in the end that is what I decided I wanted.


beautiful lake adjacent


The student body here is extremely "preppy." J. Crew, Hollister, American Eagle, Banana Republic and Abercrombie and Fitch are just a few of the designer brands that are worn every day on campus. There are students here that come from old money, new money and shit tons of money. There are very few students who come from lower class families. The meal options here are very good. HWS has the kind of atmosphere of an ivy league school without the high expectations associated. The campus is literally gorgeous. The weather in the winter can be rough, but there is not a ton of snow. The worst part about the winter is the wind. The colleges are extremely liberal minded and policies tend to reflect that. No more partying goes on here than at other schools.