Hobart William Smith Colleges Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I definitely brag about how much personal attention HWS students get from their professors. I was recently ill and my professors went above and beyond to help me get through my first semester and regain my health as smoothly as possible. Thanks to them, I was able to stay in school, finish the semester with a 4.00, and make it home for winter break in a healthy state.


The beautiful campus. The Quad is huge and there are always people on it. The campus is right on a lake that I wouldn't trade for anything.


How helpful and attentive the faculty were.


The class size at Hobart and William Smith is very small which allows for more interaction with your professor. More interaction allows one to develop strong relationships with your professor, which enhances your learning and desire to learn. The school overrall is small which allows for a person to create an identity for themselves and not just get lost in the masses. This helps one with their self-confidence. Also the location of the school is very beautiful located on a lake and in a very safe environment with little or no crime.


I brag about the fact that my school is great with networking. The alumi organization is extremely strong. If a student needs an internship with a business or company where an alum works, chances are they're getting it! I also brag aboutt the fact that Hobart and William Smith Colleges is a very beautiful campus. The school takes pride in the scenary, and upholds a gorgeous campus.


The school campus is very beautiful and peaceful. But be sure to come prepared for the winter. It gets really nasty.


My ftartnity and the parties we used to have. Mostly i brg about the fact that a college of 2,000 students can compete and often beat other liberal arts inst.


Lots of small classes, unique community, opportunities to do anything you're interested in.


I have gotten to do research in my field and to be a TA. This is not common at my school, but opportunities exist.


The ridculous times me and my friends have and the quality of the housing


my professors, i love them.


the people attending, the oppurtunities provided, the lake, all the vineyards surrounding campus


Beauty, small, interesting studies