Hobart William Smith Colleges Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


White, good-looking, all american kids. If you are not a steriotypical, east coat/new york rich kid, you won't like it.


If you are looking for a school that is small in size where everyone knows each other this is the school. Most people are very friendly here and very willing to help you if you need it.


Somone who likes to learn many different things: Prospective Liberal Artists if you may. If you like to learn and aren't bothered by new and different ideas, and have a sense of adventure, then Hobart and William Smith is for you!


Somone who is able to make themselves haopy and aware of what life in a small town can be. They must be aware that if you do not make a good time for yourself and others you wont find one.


Probably kids who grew up in Connecticut and attended boarding school. Otherwise you will feel out of place.


Someone who is interested in helping out in the community, becoming involved in many organizations and clubs, and is academically focused.


Someone who apprecaites all of natures seasons. Someone with an open mind who wants to take a variety of classes and isn't scared to speak up. Be involved..you get what you put into it.


Anyone, you will find your niche


Liberal, mainstream, academically-minded, likes small classes, wants close professor-student relationships, wants to feel like part of a close community, those who want to teach




As a girl, you must be comfortable being in a male dominated social structure. Since, there are only fraternities and no sororities, all big parties are ran by men. In other words, all big parties call for girls to dress slutty. A girl must come to HWS confident and not willing to fall into the traps of Hobart men.