Hobart William Smith Colleges Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Some one who does not want to discuss social justic issues


Students very interested in theater or performance (there are no sufficient concert halls/theaters), Anti-Liberal Arts (huge emphasis on multi-dimensional learning), those looking for a very urban environment, those who do not like the cold.


Someone who is looking for a large school with very big class sizes


If you want to joke around all the time and still do well HWS is not for you. It's a very small campus so people who want to avoid high school like drama in college should pass on HWS. People who like big schools. People who want to study business. It's basically a rich, white school and the students are proud to flaunt it so if you have a problem with that it's not for you.


Someone who feels stifled in a small-town, small-campus environment.


Someone who likes big classes and wants to blend into the crowd or is very job-oriented will not fit in here. Also, the LGBT community is fairly small.


someone who is not all about diversity and wants to go to college not a university.


A person that likes sororities and is not a very happy person. A person that does not want to get involved or is anti-social.


People who want to go to school where when you walk around campus you recognize everyone at least by face. When you walk into a professors office, which you are free to do at any time, they know you by first name. People who want to be in classes where they are a person not a number. People who don't care a great deal about ethnic diveristy on campus.


If your not into the small student population and want a crazy party school dominated by frats and sororities


The kind of person that should not attend this school is one that does not want to attend a small private college in a small city. Hobart and William Smith is popular for its small class sizes that provide a lot of one-on-one interaction between professors and their students. It is located in a small city surrounded by rural communities.


someone who is afraid of taking chances, andi f you hate cold weather


Sombody who loves abercrombie and polo and has no problem spending all of their free time either working or at the frats


fun loving, smart, willing to work hard and play hard


I dont know