Hobart William Smith Colleges Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


classes are very small, and the professors actually care about your learning.


The best thing about Hobart and William SMith Colleges is how approachable and friendly the faculty and staff are and how as a student, you really feel as though they care a great deal about your education.


The most outstanding feature of Hobart and William Smith colleges is undoubtedly the sincere, unwavering support that the administration offers their students in guidance in academic, social, and professional spheres. The faculty are enthusiastic about their work and this genuine engagement actively inspires their students to do their best, and pursue their interests. The overall environment of the school is defined by the close-woven, welcoming community that makes it up, and the encouraging atmosphere makes a true difference in the ambition and achievement of the students. It is a small school with a big heart.


Easy access to resources, opportunities to try new activities, diverse course selection with minimal prerequesites


the freedom


The small class size allows for strong relationships between students and faculty members, which leads to great advising that benefits students in planning their futures.


Small personalble atmoshphere. Very progressive and positive. good location for those who arent the best of the best but are still good none the less


The quality of the classes that I have taken. Not all are good, but mine have mostly been good.


The campus and people.


The small classes are wonderful and it is amazing to live so close to such a beautiful lake. Also, the professors are amazing. They are always available to help their students and get to know them outside of class.