Hocking College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People that are outdoorsy should come to this school, because it is out more in the country and isn't surrounded with a big city.


Univesity of Houston is a very diverified school an almost anyone can feel at home here. With 30,000 some students from different races, cultures, and environments from around the world it very easy to find people to befriend and associate with. U of H also offers a variety of clubs, organiziton, and sports and recreation activites which range from fraternities and sororities to table tennis. With all the things U of H offers i believe it hard for anyone not to be able to attend here.


Hocking is a good school for students just starting out of high school or returning students. This school helps ease you into what college is. From the two new dormatories to the brand new bike path that goes from Athens to Nelsonville, soon to be longer. Hocking has a little bit of every thing for the new and returning student.


The type of person who should attend this college is a person who wants to get an excellent education, in a small community, without the costs of larger schools. Hocking College has many different technical schools for oppourtunities to advance in a rewarding career.