Hocking College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing i consider about my school is our teachers are nice and they care a lot about students . the courses are affordable. The number of students in every class is limited so the teacher could take care of every students. The school has perfect teaching and learning equipment such computers. The very best thing i consider about my school is that the tuition free is reasonable for credits to take before taking post graduation classes.


Hocking Collge offers excellent instructors, hands on instruction, many clinical sties to choose from, and a flexible schedule. Nursing students can choose from Night/Weekend course, Days, and on-line courses as well. I highly recommend this school to students who are seeking an affordable education as well as compentent instruction.


My school has a lot of diverstiy. Diversity in studies and technologies, as well as cultural, ethnic and background diversity. I feel that having such an immediate availibility of professional, educational, personal and environmental stimulation helps to facilitate learning both in and outside of the classroom for all age groups, genders, classes and origins. It is healthy to see the world through other's eyes as well as your own. Hocking College with it's many degree programs and eclectic student body and instructors is a wonderful atmosphere to promote awareness and investigation in student studies.


To my experience, the best thing at Hocking College School of Music is the professors and the exertion they apply to the molding of one's craft. The professors are here to insure a solid education, as well as an understanding of the dreams and aspirations of their pupils. The professors are not inclined to a condescending attitude nor cynicism despite their superior musical experience. Well aware of the circumstances laid before those in the music industry, the professors understand that adaptation and versatility will remain perpetual.


At Hocking College, the hands-on, student-centered teaching techniques give students the knowledge and confidence to lead a successful career after graduating, as well as the tools necessary for further education.