Hofstra University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is definitely known for our athletics. Hofstra Pride!


It is best known for it's beautiful campus. Our school is a registered greenhouse or something so we have over 100 hundred different plants and trees.


I am drawn to it's amazing theatre program, but there are many excellent programs offered here. They have a finominal business manangement program and will open a medical school this fall. There are many clubs to be involved in. One club even planned a Black Eyed Peas concert. Also, the performing arts clubs have free shows throughout the year. If your passion is food, there are plenty of options from vegan to italian. One department is a Career Center that helps students with job interviewing skills, landing those critical internships, and finding a job after graduation.


My school is best know for its education program, its many ways to get involved on campus, and its various graduate programs, one of which I plan to enroll in upon completion of my bachelors degree.


Hofstra University is known for its Communications Department. The facilities and staff provide students with the tools and the knowledge to continue onto successful careers after graduation. The newly renovated communications building is home to the Hofstra radio station and the film studios.


My school is best known for being a good business school and also hosting the last presidential debate in 2008.


My school is best known for their Business and Communications schools.


Business and communications


Hofstra has good music and theater programs along with an excellent law school.


Hofstra's business school and AVTF program are fantastic.


Hoftstra University is best known for its academics and prowess in sports. Academically it is known to be a prestigious school in the areas of business and communication. Athletically their softball team, soccer teams, basketball and lacrosse are known up and down the east coast as having very good programs.


It's business and law school.


Greek Life, Parties, Sports, New York Jets, 2008 Presidential Debate


A great sense of community, as well as a strong social life.


The school of communication and the writers and journalists that have come out of it.




My school is best known for its Law and Business programs. The last statistic I heard was about 80- 90% of students who graduate with a degree in one of those gets a job right after graduation. However the Music Department has nearly doubled since I've been here, only one year, too!


Hosting the third presidential debate.


business and communications


My school is best known for Law.


law school


I feel our school is best known for its Business and Communication programs. Its also probably recognized as attempting to get over its reputation as a local back up school for students unsure of what they want to do after high school. Its worth noteing though that the schools reputation is gradually growing farther.


Bars, Clubs, Frat parties gettin broken up by the police purposely so the frats can make money off you then kick you out of their homes ASAP hahaha umm girls that all look and dress the same because individuality is NOT ok on Long Island...uggs in the summer is deemed ok here i guess haha

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