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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular groups is most likely the sororities/fraternities


Our Greek life is very much alive on campus. But there are over 200 clubs on campus, and many of them are well and alive (with loads of members). If you are a guy (or girl) like me and don't want to be involved with any frats, then join more than one club. I am starting a club myself, and I hope to get as many students involved on campus with mines. Most of our sports are intramural, so if you were looking for college league team Hofstra sort of lacks in that area, but it stills has them. If I had to choose and say which one is most popular now, it would be the Hofstra v. Zombies club. It is a club where students dress up like zombies and human survivors and go around campus attacking one another with Nerf equipment, and turning one another into zombies. It is exactly like a videogame, only in real life. (I am not a part of this club, however).


tennis club! That's the club I love. I meet my closest friends during the mass. we feel for both of us, we matched to each other, then we keep communicate more and more, we went shopping together and we do our homework together when we catch a free time off campus, we take a train all the way to manhattan and shop, and have some fun. It's really very nice. Party?? I will say I don't know, I never been to a college party..


Since Hofstra has a relatively smaller campus, it's easy to get involved and be aware of the various activities happening on campus. While our football team was shut down due to budget, there are still other major campus sports such as Lacrosse and Basketball that the school goes out to cheer for. There are multiple sororities and fraternities on campus but for the most part they aren't all that loud or prevalent in the student body. For my major, journalism, there's the student-run newspaper, The Chronicle, which any one can contribute to, and the ed2010 magazine journalism club, as well as the PRSSA Public relations club which all aid to help students find internships and jobs after school. For performance groups the school has multiple choirs as well as 3 a'cappella groups that are relatively exclusive audition groups, as well as the Masquerade Musical Theatre club which puts on a musical each semester, the Spectrum Players that put on a play, and many dance groups including Dance Works. There are a number of philanthropic groups on campus and it's easy to get involved, and to try things out to find your niche. Over the weekend, there are typically multiple parties at the nearby frat houses which are a walking distance from the dorms, or some people go the nearby bars Dizzy's and McHebes. People who aren't interested in partying or drinking on the weekends often go into New York city to go see shows, museums, concerts, etc. Or for something more local, head to the nearby movie theaters or mall in Garden City. There are always events going on with speakers or performances by the clubs on campus. Hofstra throws a fall festival every year with big name performers and a large carnival, last year drawing in Rick Ross, Joan Jett, Salt 'n pepa, and Taking Back Sunday. Also, Hofstra has now been chosen twice for the Presidential debate, with the next one occuring next fall on campus. There's typically a lot going on and many ways to meet people if you're willing to put yourself out there and try out some different campus activities.


There's so many different groups, clubs, organizations and teams to chose from on campus. I'm on the cheerleading team here. I cheer for men and women basketball games this year. The only thing that sucks about the fall is there is no longer a football team here. But the cheer team is still a ton of hard work yet still fun. Being involved helps you make friends and find people you can really trust on campus. Dorming is good too. I live in a suite style and love my roommate and suite mates, they're actually some of my best friends. We always go out together, whether is a Tuesday night at the bar or we're just going to get dinner. They're seriously the best. But there's lots of other ways to meet people. The bars, the library, the gym, just be willing to talk to anyone. Or the games. Basketball games are pretty big here and baseball is in the spring. Many of the kids on the baseball team are in frats too. Greek life is pretty popular, but if you aren't in it it's not going to be the end of the world. There's plenty of people who don't participate in Greek life. If you're trying to get off campus for a little while, the Roosevelt Field Mall is about 5-10 minutes away, so close. There's a ton of places to eat and hang out. Plus, the city is only a 35 minute train ride. Me and my friends go in a lot. Its always fun to go into the city especially during Christmas season with all the lights.


Greek life, Sport clubs and Student Government top the list of student interests on campus. Students are very friendly overall towards one another. Guest speakers and athletic events have a decent attendance but hardly ever standing room only. The dating scene is mostly non-existent. A lot of students prefer hook ups. Greek Life is important but definitely not required. Students involved are very busy and do a lot on campus but those not involved have a good time too. There are concerts, festivals, movie nights on the weekends or trips into the city.


I could go on for days about this, but I won't. There is never a boring moment at Hofstra, from concerts to free movies to speakers to comedians. We're also a 30-minute train ride away from NYC. And there are a few college bars just across the street from the school, so they're safe to get to and REALLY fun.


There are a lot of activities on campus. Being involved in film, I am working on a film shoot almost every weekend so I do not do what most students do. For most students the weekend starts on a Thursday and they will go out to a bar and get wasted. Greek life is huge at Hofstra, they are everywhere. There are so many clubs that I do not even know some of them exist.


Many different groups on campus are important to our very diverse campus. I am a member of Masquerade Musical Theatre Co., which puts on a mainstage musical every semester. It is generally a lot of fun. Students propose to direct a musical of their choice, assemble a production team, hold auditions, and run the show from start to finish. It is a great opportunity for students of all different majors. As for the question of whether or not students leave their doors open... it's not actually permitted in most areas of campus. If there have been magnetic door props installed then the residents are permitted, and in this case it is common for the doors to stay open. Everywhere else it is a fire code violation to prop open a door.


there are a lot of different groups on campus for clubs and stuff so everyone has one club that they can just fit right into


Most students from when i lived on campus started to leave their dorms open when everyone in the dorm got acquainted with each other and more comforable. i met my closest friends from the dorm and also in my class that involved a lot of partner work which helped in getting to know those people better. i believe people party pretty much everyday, but thursday and the weekend are the biggest party days. i stayed home and went to work last weekend,


I wish we were able to leave our dorm room doors open so we can air out the room and can say hi to people as they pass by in the hall, but the fire code doesn't allow it. But most of the time we leave our doors unlocked so people just drop by anyways. Now that I think about it, it might not be so safe to leave them unlocked all the time, but so far none of my stuff has been stolen.


Most students here are interest in Greek life, but just because you're not in it doesnt mean you sit at home on the weekends doing homework alone. There is always something to do on campus. Events are always being planned, like movies or speakers. We just had a writer from the Simpsons here. Stephanie Tanner was here last year. There have been A LOT of political speakers here since Hofstra is hosting the 3rd and last presidential debate. A lof of these political speakers are legit people who have book and are on c-span. Again there's always the option of going to the city. And with NYC the options of what to do are endless. I mean i could go catch a broadway show whenever i wanted to. Parties, like every campus, aren't exactly scarce. Parties arent the only thing to do, but they're an option.


Greek life is really popular on campus. Some of the most popular events are associated with the Greeks, and they are who usually throw the best parties. There isn't much to do off-campus if you don't have a car, except for going into New York City. Luckily, a shuttle leaves for the train station every hour, so that's a nice perk. It's best to meet people at Hofstra through clubs and organizations, that way you'll find people you have something in common with that you'll see often enough before you build a friendship.


I feel that there are many clubs on campus to get involved with. Last weekend, I went to the city to play ultimate Frisbee. The club is really good, but they don't make a great team.


People party fairly often - most every night. Parties go on on campus, but mostly in houses. The strip of bars across the street are also open almost every night.


Like any other campus there is not a lack of parties to attend. There are also lots of other things to do besides "get drunk". As mentioned before the closeness of NYC provides an endless list of things to do. Hofstra also gets lots of great and interesting speakers who come to campus. Or they plan programs that are great too.


2am on a Tuesday- Labs. Where do you meet most of your friends? In the classes for your major. Frats and sororities are everywhere and I can't seem to escape them... thank goodness Greek week is over. People party all the time, but that's true of any college campus. There's plenty of things to do on a Saturday aside from hitting up Dizzy's (ew) or Nachos or Chrebets. Movie nights, bowling, usually there's some sort of event or movie showing on campus. Hanging out in the dorms with your floor is always an option, too.


The most popular sports group is intermural softball. I met my closest friends through Honors College.


It is so easy to get involved in anything you want to get involved in. There's a club for everything and they are clearly always trying to expand so they're accepting of everyone. The social life is vibrant. Everyone is friends with everyone basically.


Masquerade is the most popular group on campus. People don't leave their doors open,mainly because it is illegal.


There are so many opportunities and places nearby that students can go to and participate in. A bunch of people i know were able to participate in the Vagina Monolouges which was a real hit


The social opportunities here are great. There are always events on or off campus that we are given opportunities to attend. The clubs, especially hall council, let you program your own idea of a fun event.


there are a million things to do on and off campus


Some of the most popular groups on campus are the Fraternities and Sororities. And they generally speaking fit the mold of typical college fraternities with socials and annuals and drinking and hazing. I am not apart of that, its now who I am and not who I plan on becoming. I have yet to find someone to date. A lot of the girls here on campus are not what I'm looking for in a relationship. I need someone who is responsible and independent and does not need material things to survive.


One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to go to Manhattan and explore the city. Most people don't go to the City as much as I do, but I love the fact that Hofstra is so close to the city. Student rush tickets are also a huge plus.


there are a lot of guest speakers now, especially political ones in lieu of Educate 08, the program increasing political awareness before the final presidential debate is held here in october. athletic events are not terribly popular. i think basketball is the biggest sport, followed by football and men's lacrosse.


So there are a few bars within walking distance of Hofstra, and while they are frequented by very many Hofstra students (mainly I would say the Greeks), the are others who aren't that big on the party scene, perhaps more appreciative of an intimate setting. Partying doesn't seem to affect studies too much, but maybe I'm a bit biased. The university sponsors all kinds of events year-round, from more political to more relaxed and social events. This is especially true for first-year students and Honors College students (Honors College has many perks like free tickets to Broadway shows, sports games, etc).


residents in liberty & republic halls are extremely social. we're the only complex on campus that really makes social use of its lounges, and most of the dorms know each other and are friendly.




The school has great sports teams, drama dept., and other clubs across campus. There is usually something to do whether it's a football game, a play, or a free movie. The dorms sort of define who you hang out with. I meet a few kids from my classes, however I would say most students are friends with those they see everyday in the dorm.


frats and sororities are pretty prominent on campus. pretty much my friends and i just hang out in the dorms on most nights until well into the morning. doing not a whole lot, but having a great time.


greek life is big here, but so is the drama department and everything else. u make what u want big


I was a little disappointed with the enthusiasm towards athletic events and other on campus activities. Frats/sororities are a large part of the campus life. There isn't a lot to on the weekends that doesn't involve drinking.


lots of groups to join


I believe the most popular groups and organizations are athletic teams and greek life. I'm currently not involved in either, but have a close group of friends and have recently become an RA so look forward to meeting more people that way. Events offered on campus are popular to those that seek them out. Otherwise, people have their own agendas. There is a fair amount of drinking, but not too much that you feel out of place when you are not.


Plenty of options


So we have giant BBQs every year on the Intramural fields on the dorm side of campus. One in the Fall and one in the Spring, with a club fair, live bands, free food, usually one of those bounce house things, so much fun. A lot of times in good weather organizations will do events right outside on the quad so you can stop by on the way to class even! The campus is really centralized around our Student Center, so you can almost always run into someone you know a few times throughout your day. I met a bunch of my friends from joining an intramural basketball team at the gym with the guys in my building!


People party a lot on campus, especially at Hofstra USA, which is quite annoying to me because my dorm is right outside of it, so I get to hear loud music until 3 in the morning.


I really enjoy being part of Hall Council and RSA, both of which are extremely active and put on a lot of awesome programs.


The clubs have been the one bright spot for me at Hofstra. They've allowed me to make new friends and continue doing the things i love and also discover new interests.


The kids in my dorm are pretty comfortable with one another. Given, I live in the smallest dorm complex on campus. But still, I'm happy with the social situation in the dorms. All of my closest friends lived near me in the dorms. Partying has posed problems. I came to college expecting to party at least one night every weekend. That hasn't exactly happened. There are parties on campus, but they are usually frat parties. These suck because EVERYBODY goes there. Who would want to go to a party that's so crowded you can't move or talk to anybody new? Not me. My friends and I latch on to any house we hear about that's throwing a party. But these houses will only party once every few weeks. Otherwise we're stuck drinking in our rooms.


there's a lot going on especially this year with regards to politics and the upcoming elections through a series called Educate '08 because Hofstra will be hosting the final presidential debate on October 15, 2008.


there are absolutely tons of extracurriculars to get involved with. my favorite is hall council (especially liberty/republic halls). you're not supposed to prop your doors which is very disappointing, especially for new students hoping to make friends. there are a lot of fraternities and sororities, and i personally really don't like Greek Week, when they have pretty much non-stop events and competitions and parties in the spring. we're really close to the beach, as well as a good deal of diners, and are a 50 minute LIRR train ride from the city, so there's plentiful weekend options. also Roosevelt Field Mall is very nice, if you're into that thing.


there is usually some sort of program going on almost every night. this includes guest speakers/lecturers, plays, movies, etc.


greek life is really big, but if you're not into it, there are millions of other things to join. drinking on the weekends occur at everyone college, and this is no different, but there is def other options than just drinking. the city is very close and there are always interesting activities on campus.


Honors College dorms have a really great community and definitely are the best to live in.


SO many on campus clubs, etc. It's also very easy to start one. However, finding enough other students who want to dedicate themselves to your group is slightly trickier. Many wonderful speakers come because of our close proximity to Manhattan, but unfortunately the majority of the seats are empty. Saturday night NOT drinking: either go into Manhattan (which I do often) and go dancing, to a museum, out to eat, etc. (all unfortunately very expensive,) or do nothing. There is a mall and movie theater in Hempstead if you have a car, and there are often events on campus such as movies or events put on by different clubs, but overall not that many students attend weekend events.


People know each other, lots of ways to meet people. Good sports games to go to and clubs to get involved in. Mall and NYC not far away off campus. Drinking on campus but there are other ways to spend the weekend.


Sorrorities and Fraternities are BIG! Even though there are none that live directly on campus, Greek life is a major part of Hofstra. However, even if you are not in a frat, there are definitely enough activities and clubs around to keep you occupied!

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