Hofstra University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


They are two types of Hofstra Students the ridiculously wealthy from very well to do old money well as new monied families. Many of whom were supposed to go Ivy League but didn't try in school but the minimum education they received makes them top quality students for decent schools like Hofstra. Then there are students who are on every financial aid and scholarship imaginable. These students range from impressively intelligent down to guidos who have no idea what a college education concerns. Both end up in a great deal of debt when they graduate.


That the girls are stuck-up and easy, that the guys are all guidos, that a lot of students are "dumb", and that the neighborhood around Hofstra is horrible.


Hofstra students don't study, all they do is party.


Some stereotypes are that all teh girls at Hofstra are these really high maintence barbie doll like type grls and the guys are all guidos. It's all said that Fraterneties and sororities rule the school.


Italian guidos, bar lovers, always looking for a party at a bar


A big stereotype about Hofstra is that it will accept anyone and everyone into it's undergraduate programs. Also, there is a stereotype of "Long Island Girls" and "Guidos" filling the student body.


that we have "Hofstra Red" and all the girls that go to Hofstra are sluts


Well that all the students that go to hofstra are rich.


the girls are loose and the boys are obnoxious


Many Jewish students attend Hofstra University. STD's are rampant. Hofstra girls are easy. Everyone at Hofstra is very wealthy.


Guidos, New yorkers


Hofstra used to be a plantation that owned slaves and Hofstra Hall was the original plantation house.


Hofstra's entire school population consists of rich long island girls who are dressed head to toe in designer labels and long island guys (dudes) that have overly gel-ed hair and spend 90% of their time at the bar or at the gym. All of these girls and boys love Greek life and put party-ing before studies.


There are tons of typical "Long Island girls" on campus, and everyone smokes pot and hangs out at the bars.


Hofstra Students are always very handsome and strong. Sometimes there courage and spirit can lead to a revolution that everyone wanted anyways.


The girls are snobby, "long island" girls and the guys are just as bad. People in NY aren't nice.


Some stereotypes about Hofstra is that it is a over-priced university full of rich long island kids, who live off their parents money. Kids only care about getting drunk and partying.


Well there's the whole Hofstra Red thing that I've been asked about by people who go to other colleges. The major stereotype is that Hofstra is full of prissy Long Island kids who Mommy and Daddy have sent to school in their shiny new cars.


Commuter students, and lots of them...also the "Hofstra girl" miniskirt, uggs, straight hair, fake tan, chatty, rich


Hofstra Red. Everyone is Rich. There is nothing to do.


The "Hofstra Red." All of the women are stuck up and snobby. Everyone is rich. There's nothing to do.


Hofstra Red, and living in a long island bubble.


That the sororities and fraternities are a huge part of campus life


rich, partiers


everyone is a liberal


The Hofstra Red, people assume that Hofstra is a big party school with lots of sex and lots of STDs. I feel people look down on Hofstra students because of it and we definitely need to make fixing the Hofstra reputation a priority.


That everyone from Long Island is lazy and dumb and are stuck in the world of Long Island and have never left.


Hofstra has a stereotype that it is a big party school with little focus on academics.


snooty long island kids, guidos


I'm not aware of too many, but one is that we're all your typical Long Island stock. We aren't really known as a party school per se, but there's a little bit of that impression too.


we're all rich


Very Hotttt.


When talking to other kids about Hofstra, they recognized the name because of what's known as Hofstra Red. So supposedly the area and school is so ridden with STD's that we have one named after the school. There is also a sort of stigma that Hofstra is really a second rate, second choice school.


rich kids, designer duds, big jewish population


they're all super rich


"Hofstra Red" - we have the highest STD rate in the country.


they like to party


Long Island, Jewish, snobby


"Long Island girls and boys," people in NY are not as nice as people other places...


Honestly? If you want stereotypes look up Hofstra on UrbanDictionary.com. According to that nonsense the school has it's own STD, for crying out loud. But really the main stereotype is that Hofstra is just a commuter school.


People seem to think everyone is Jewish and rich.


A lot of people at other schools in particular seem to think that Hofstra is full of sex maniacs who spread STDs to everyone who sets foot on campus and party 24/7.


STDs spread like wildfire, girls are unapproachable and stuck up, ugg boots and mini skirts.


There's always the STD thing... that makes me laugh. I also hear a lot of stereotypes about the JAP (Jewish American Princess) Long Island girls.


wealthy, lots of hair gel, italian, jewish, guido, designer bags/clothes/shoes/sunglasses, fancy cars


rich, jewish, party-kids, not terribly smart, guido, very "long island"


long island girls only wear uggs, leggings, and sweatshirts. they go to the bars more than they go to class, and they live for greek week.


all hofstra students only care about partying


Hofstra students are stereotyped to be super rich and snobby.


They don't care about anything. Very superficial. Hofstra is full of Long Island girls and Guidos, the former empty headed wearing fake tans and Ugg boots in the summer and the latter with blown out hair and shouting across the local skeezy bars at each other.

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