Hofstra University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The most common stereotypes is the way the fraternity boys are seen and the stoners. They see those types of people as underachievers when in reality they are actually really great students.


Work hard, searching for Job very often. really very smart.


Students at Hofstra University come from a more upper middle class family. Students at the university like to get involved in organizations such as fraternities and sororities as well as sport clubs. Most importantly, students love the school.


When people first hear I go to school on Long Island, they typically conjure up bad accents, Jersey shore wannabes, and bad fake tans. And rest assured, we have our fair share of those. However, the majority of the population doesn't fit this mold, as varied as any other campus in it's types of people. I can't say I was immune to this stereotype when I first chose to go to Hofstra either. I was a little frightened, coming from the pasty state of Colorado, that I would arrive into a sea of orange skinned, tall haired, Snookie idolizers. My friends, my family, and even one of my teachers--who actually said to me on the last day "now don't go get all long island on me"--taunted me that I was going to go away and come back with a lahhhng iiisland accent and a new, more florescent skin tone. However, the guido/guidette population here is at a minimum, most people are normal kids, and the closest most of my fellow students have gotten to the Jersey Shore is through their televisions on Thursday nights. While there is the occasional Snookie poof or lahng island vernacular, for the most part the population of our campus is the same as any other college campus, and I can proudly go home to Colorado as a proud non-sterotypical Long Islander.

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