Hofstra University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any person who is liberal in every way and is able to be open to new ideas and have a lot of fun! Lots of food choices and student activities to keep you busy forever! Many off campus locations to visit and a very enjoyable college experience for anyone!


To be honest, anyone can attend this school. We have such a diverse student body. I would say the only thing you need is an open mind, because you're going to be hearing a lot of different ideas in your classes and with conversations with new friends


A person who should attend this school should be someone who is willing to advocate for themselves.


A person who lives in the area of Long Island or surrounding states should attend this school.


The student population is very diverse. Therefore, I do not think there is a specific kind of person who should attend the school. Any student who wants to have a sucessful career at Hofstra must be willing to do a lot of independent work. They must have initiative and be willing to learn, because very few professors are actually willing to help or motivate you.


The kind of person that should attend Hofstra University is intelligent, understanding, and mature. In all honesty, there is a gigantic pool of people who attend this campus, and walking into the student center, you'll see 3 different frats, 5 races, 4 different sexual orientations, and a multitude of languages. Students here are friendly and passionate, and we want to add to the Hofstra community in any way we can. I'm personally adding to the artistic part of campus, but we have athletes, intellectuals, and future diplomats here too.


Not necessarily one with the most outstanding GPA, or one with the most volunteer hours. Nor one with a bad attitude and an even worse work ethic. Anyone that has worked hard and played hard. Someone that is willing to use Mom and Dad's money for books and an education, rather than booze and bars. Someone who is ready to be challenged and excited to learn grammar they did not learn in high school. Do I lie the object on the table, or lay? Someone ready to experience life on their own.


Anybody and Everybody.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that knows they are able to pay their high priced tuition with ease. If a student is a science major they should be organized, take good notes during class sessions, good at time management and ambitious.


A focused person who wants to do well academically and also enjoy their college experience.


A typical Hofstra student should want to be involved and make the most out of their college years. You should be diligent, opinionated, and have the ability to make a difference. You should be open to learning as well as meeting new people of all cultures. If you want to be in proximity to the city but not exactly in the city, then Hofstra is the place for you.


Someone who likes the atmosphere of long island, not the city life, someone who wants a diverse campus and a campus that is not huge


Someone who can maintain their own focus, likes greek life and is willing to be thier own school advisor.


A person who know's what they want to do in life and are willing to work hard to achieve it.


Someone looking for a middle-sized school located close, but not in, New York City.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is academically focused, but also knows how to have fun. There really isn't a lot of things to do here, but mostly everyone goes out to the bar, and goes out to parties, or out to eat with friends, and you have to be a social person. At Hofstra, people are very focused, but also very social. You have to be a very well balanced person.


I think my school is for a lot of different kinds of people, but I think peolpe who are very passionate about what they do should attend this school. School is very important to a lot of students here. The students here are also very liberal and outgoing and involved in many extra curricular activites.


a competently smart and curious learner who can make their own social interactions and involvements possible


down to earth people that like to party


any and all






A person who is interested in learning new things about a much larger world should attend Hofstra. Hardworking and persistent students should attend Hofstra. I think it is a great place if you're looking for a great place to learn and explore new things.


Someone who wants to be in a fairly large, but not a huge campus that offers a lot of programs. A person who is more liberal,and open-minded would do well at Hofstra given the diverse ethnic backgrounds and the many different types of students.


someone who is open-minded, liberal, outgoing, willing to work hard but also have a good time, someone who doesn't care about sports too much, likes the arts and diversity and culture, likes city life and not small towns, and doesn't mind a campus that drinks heavily and has students that stay up very late


Someone who may or may not know what they want out of life. There's definitely a lot of self exploration involved when finding a major.

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