Hollins University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Hollins is where you can discover who you really are and what you really want to do with your life.


You will never be bored at this school, where no one truly fits the norm or conforms in any way; every one is trying to find themselves.


Hollins is a small liberal arts university devoted to educating women by attending to each woman's strength and weaknesses; it is a very personal university with prestigious alumnae and staff, especially in the areas of Creative Writing, Psychology, Dance, and Horseback Riding.


Hollins University is a unique women's college with zany traditions, excellent academics, beautiful surroundings, and almost anything I could have asked for in a college.


Hollins University is small courses, great professors, limited social activities, unorganized financial aid office, and culture-lacking.


The nicest place I've ever had the pleasure of being with some of the nicest, most amazing people I've ever met.


Small women's college with a beautiful campus and excellent learning and social environment.


Hollins is a unique learning enviroment that will hopefully help each student grow into the prominent young women thaat they could become.


Women who are going places start at Hollins.


A school with wealthy girls, hippies and child-like girls that lacks cohesive unity due to mixed extra-curricular and classroom participation.


Small and engaging with an interesting and enthusiastic student body.


Going to Hollins University allows young women to learn about herself and grow.