Hollins University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are open-minded and are not afraid to speak their minds fr whatever they may have to say, though they may seem the fool when doing so.


Flexible, and supportive


A community of fun, intelligent women.


The classmates are what you would find in a nice coffee shop: educated, fun, creative, and in most cases, intelligent.


Energetic, always had an input, and interested in the classes they wree taking.


Most of my classmates are pursuing a English/Creative Writing or Psychology major; the majority women who attend Hollins usually value academics over partying. The majority of the women I have met are creative thinkers, and the overall social environment is friendly, personal, and sisterly.


My classmates are a variety of intelligent woman who are as much apart of my education as the professors and books.


My classmates consist of preppy/ conservative party girls, Bohemian wannabes, shy & mysterious types, tri-sexuals, and the small percentage left are minorities.


My classmates are mostly students in the creative arts, who are very dedicated to their dreams and are veru focused on honing their skills to become better creators.


From all over the world.


Friendly, helpful and welcoming. If someone sees a lost freshman, there is always someone who volunteers help and information. You can easily strike up a warm conversation with someone in your class, even if you are very shy.


I go to school with the most amazing women who are independent, strong, funny, open-minded, respectful, smart, and caring. I am incredibly lucky.


Friendly, fun, hardworkers.